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Feature of the Week

Feature of the Week: Dallas Mavericks Dancer Lauren

Feature of the Week: Dallas Mavericks Dancer Lauren


Mavs Fanatic Feature of the Week—Being an MFFL is something to be proud of. It’s a community of hardcore Mavericks fans dedicated to one thing and one thing only: supporting the Dallas Mavericks. MFFL’s are a tight-knit group that have long been recognized as one of the best fan bases in the NBA. Each week we’ll feature key individuals that help drive the MFFL community, including fans, writers, Mavericks’ staff and dancers brought to you by staff writer Michael Lark.

About Lauren

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Birthday: July 9

Occupation: Operations Manager at D1 Sports Training

Tenure: 5th year veteran Mavs Dancers



Mavs Player: Tyson Chandler

Movie: Cool Runnings and Legally Blonde

Music: Anything I can dance to! Pitbull, Katy Perry (Santa Barbara girl), Justin Timberlake and Ed Sheeran are a few of my favorites!

Food: Mexican Food

Holiday: The Fourth of July because it’s a few days before my birthday so I like making a birthday/Fourth week-long celebration out of it!!!

Quote: Live in the moment and make it a memory!




Fun Facts

What do you love most about Dallas? Dallas is such a fun, upbeat and energetic place to live! There is always something fun to do any night of the week, and for all ages! We have every professional sports team and even D-League teams, so all year round you can count on catching a fun game!!

What words would friends use to describe you? Goal oriented, kind hearted, hard working, organized, generous, respectful, open minded, leader, giving, supportive, independent and dependable!

What is something that most people wouldn’t know about you? Something people wouldn’t know about me is that I am extremely shy!! When it comes to social settings or even getting to know people it takes me a while to open up, but when it comes to dancing, I am not shy at all! I love getting out in front of our amazing crowd and performing, it’s almost like it’s my safe zone!

What is your most memorable moment as a Mavs Dancer? This is an easy question! My most memorable moment was winning the 2011 NBA Championship!!! That was my rookie season and I don’t think anything could top that experience! Wow, it still gives me chills thinking about it! I remember exactly where I was, who I was with and my reaction to everything! It was hands down an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life!




What are your future aspirations? I’ve always wanted to open up my own dance studio, but this past summer I started work with an amazing company, D1 Sports Training, and I would really just love to grow with the company! The fitness world is something that I enjoy being around and want to continue to be around!

What are your hobbies? My hobbies other than dancing are working out, playing with my cute puppies, collecting anything old fashion Barbie and hanging out with my friends and family!

During the offseason I… Love to go home to Santa Barbara to see my friends, family and obviously to spend some time at the beach!

One thing I can’t live without… One thing I can’t live without is my phone! I am constantly trying to communicate with our fans on Twitter and Instagram, checking my phone for emails and seeing if there are new picks up online from game days!

What is your dream vacation? My dream vacation would have to be going back to Italy! I was so lucky and blessed to get chosen to represent the Mavs with five of my best friends back in 2011 for the NBA Fan Zone in Milan and Rome, and I’ve been dreaming of going back ever since!

My advice to young dancers: My advice to young dancers is to always follow your heart, put yourself out there and never give up! I never in a million years thought that my dream of becoming a Dallas Mavericks Dancer would become a reality, but it did! I started off being so scared of being on camera or getting in front of our crowd but after putting myself out there, even during tryouts, it has turned out to be the biggest blessing in my life! I get to cheer on my favorite sports team, dance for the best team in the NBA and it has brought out a confidence in me that I never knew I could have! It all started with a dream that I turned into a reality with determination!


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Dallas Sports Fanatic Co-Owner and credentialed media writer and photographer covering the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, Dallas Wings, FC Dallas and college football



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