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2012-2013 Dallas Mavericks Player Rankings (#5 – #7 Edition)

2012-2013 Dallas Mavericks Player Rankings (#5 – #7 Edition)

This past weekend I had my roof worked on.  The old shingles were torn off and new shingles were put on.  It was a messy job and nails and trash were everywhere.  The noise and the vibrations within the house were an annoyance and my family was forced to spend the weekend with the in-laws (sarcastic “Yay!”).  None of this was a problem compared to the news that I heard next.  Per the roofing supervisor, “You’ll probably want to contact your Satellite provider and have them realign your satellite because there’s a 98% chance that you’ll lose reception once we remove it and screw it back in.”

Immediately I had a sense of panic as I started thinking of all possible repercussions.  “What if they break it?  Does my protection plan cover that?”  “How long is it going to take DirecTV to come out and fix it?”  “How much is it going to cost me for the service call?”  “Will I miss the World Series and this weekend’s football?”  NOOOO!!!!  It turns out that DirectTV can’t send out a repair man until Tuesday, October 30th.   I will miss games 1-5 of the Fall Classic as well as all football this weekend.  I refused to believe that this was happening and was convinced that I could fix this myself.  Last night I tried getting on my roof to realign the satellite.  I battled the drizzle and cold wind, trying everything possible to get this thing working.  I used a compass and measured elevation and azimuth while mentally high fiving myself; thinking that I was getting closer to defeating the satellite.  I stayed on the ladder until the sun set and used the light of my cell phone to help guide me to victory.  Ultimately, I threw in the towel as I could find no signal.  Head down, I descended the latter.  I was defeated.

Where are you going with this, Tony?

Symbolism maybe?  Haywood and Kidd represent the old shingles; Collison and the rookies represent the new shingles?  Clever, but no.  That’s not where I’m going.

I’m getting there……

Just this morning, as I glanced at my Mavs schedule, I was reminded that the home opener was Tuesday, October 30th!  DirecTV will have my reception back by tip off!  SUCCESS!!  The world is back on its axis.  At least I’ll get to watch Mavs vs. Lakers on opening night, even if we get crushed.  In your face DirecTV!

Let’s continue the Mavs countdown.


#7.  Brandan Wright, 6’10.  Age 25.

Early last season we saw the addition of Brandan Wright to our roster and most of us didn’t think much of it.  At one point, he was sent to the NBADL in order to get Shawn Williams some playing time.  (Remember Shawn Williams?  He’s the guy that puked while on the bench.)  Brandan Wright was soon brought back to the Mavs roster and started making plays and never stopped.  At, 6’10, Wright spent most of the time at Center.  Undersized at the position, he makes up for it with his jumping ability and long wingspan.  He’s a shot blocker and provided many highlight blocks last year as well as high flying dunks and was also the inspiration of Dirk’s “Shut it down, lets go home” after catching an alley oop from Jason Terry.  With the injury to Dirk and the pending injuries to Chris Kaman, B Wright will be expected to step up at both the center and power forward positions.  I expect and predict big things from Wright this year.  I hope that he’s learning to be more physical on the boards as we’ll need him to be productive in the paint.  He was pushed around at times down low last year but I’m sure Carlisle has preached the need for more “disposition” from him.

 “It will be on Wright to continue to develop as he tries to further display the talent that made him a lotterypick just five years ago.” – Earl K. Sneed


#6. Delonte West, 6’3. Age 29.

Well, as I’m typing this, news is surfacing about Delonte’s latest suspension.  That’s tough to here given the expectations we had for him this season.  He’s a crafty veteran that played well for the Mavs last year and even fought through a gruesome finger injury.  Delonte is tough but his trouble off the court is apparent.  Delonte just received his second suspension in 2 weeks and the details on this latest episode are still hazy.  West tweeted that this had nothing to do with his bi-polar disorder or lack of medication.  Regardless, it’s still a concern.  Especially for this Mavs team that has a need at the guard position.  With Delonte out, I expect that perhaps we’ll see Jared Cunningham make the team roster and bypass the developmental league.  Or we may see an extended role for Dominique Jones, which I’m not so sure about.  But most of all, this means that Roddy B will need to fill the void as he’ll receive the most playing time of all the guards outside of Collison.  If Delonte is out for an extended period of time, we’ll certainly miss his defense and offensive production.  I was looking forward to the Delonte West mid range jumper as well.  If all is well and the suspension is lifted soon, then I expect Delonte to be the primary back up point guard over Roddy B.  In my opinion, this team needs Delonte West.  He’s a veteran with a lot of experience with good teams and has been consistent in every game he’s played in while in Dallas.

 “Whether we’re favored or not, he always believes we’re gonna win. … It’s just great having him around.” – Vince Carter

#5. Elton Brand, 6’9. Age 33.

The two time all star was is a new acquisition to the Mavs this year.  Brand was amnestied by the Sixers in July and Cuban was there to sweep him up after a winning bid of $2.1 million.  Turns out that this was a HUGE move given the Dirk injury.  To start the season, Brand will be inserted in the starting line up to replace Dirk at power forward.  Brand has a good game while in the paint but has been improving over the years with the jump shot.  It’s an automatic and overlooked advantage for the Mavs by having 2 big men that can shoot.  He’ll also be counted on to grab rebounds, something that the Mavs have struggled with this preseason as they’ve lost the rebounding margin by double digits often.  Brand averages 9.4 rebounds per game and 18.3 points per game.  His minutes per game have been reduced as his career has progressed so he’ll fit in perfectly in his new role with Dallas.  I look forward to watching him this season and he’s already the best back up big man the team has ever had.  Not to mention, Brand will be a huge influence on the young Brandan Wright as he’s learning the power forward position.

“I’ll enjoy playing with Dirk, whenever I get that chance because most of my career I’ve had the best big defender defending me,” Brand said. “Whether it was their center or if it was a power forward, if he’s their best defender then he’s on me.

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