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Making Sense Of Last Nights Draft

Making Sense Of Last Nights Draft

There are 934,905 reasons the Mavs did what they did in the NBA Draft. It’s no coincidence that that number, in dollars, is exactly what needed to be moved to clear room for Deron. The trigger is there for an Odom trade, for a Haywood amnesty and for what Dirk just said, ‘It going to be a exciting weekend for Mavs fans.’ Have a free look at how we break it down:

The Mavs’ draft took an unpredicted turn Thursday when the Mavs traded down, packaging their pick at 17 with Kaleena Azubuike and getting Cleveland’s pick at 24, plus two second-rounders (overall picks 33 and 34).

The pre-draft expectation was for the Mavs to pick at 17 or make a deal to move up, but apparently the players they were targeting in either of those scenarios were not there when the time came.

However, looking closely at details in the deal with Cleveland would indicate that it was already under serious consideration before the draft began, as perhaps a fall-back plan if they weren’t wowed by other options. Why? Cap space and guaranteed money.

If the Mavs had kept their pick and Azubuike, their cap hit during free agency for the pair would have totaled $2,372,109. Instead they’ll be on the hook for the pick at 24 and an empty roster slot, which totals $1,437,204, yielding a savings of $934,905.

While that amount of savings may seem insignificant in the NBA world of multi-million dollar deals and aggregate team payrolls that commonly exceed $60 million, in this case it’s not. What was accomplished was to remove the last uncertain cap hurdle to have room for a max salary for Deron Williams.

It’s been clear that the Mavs had previously penciled in a trade of Lamar Odom (with no salary coming back in return), and an amnesty waiver (or perhaps a trade with no salary coming back in return) of Marion or Haywood, in order to clear the needed cap space. However, if the salary cap for 2012-13 stayed at the lowest number possible of $58.044M, that wasn’t going to yield quite enough room.

Now, if their proposed trade of Odom is consummated, they will be an amnesty move away from having all the cap room they need – which means that they have the certainty of having enough cap room. While we at believe they would be better off to delay the Odom trade until July and try to use it as part of a sign-and-trade for D-Will, even in that scenario it is necessary to have the cap room just in case Brooklyn refuses.

These aren’t just out thoughts, though; as Mavs execs prepare to be the “troops on the ground” in wheeling and dealing (Cuban is planning to be in LA, and not just to film some “Shark Tank), what you are reading here represents the thoughts of the front office.

Assuming an Odom trade and an amnesty of Haywood, we now project that the Mavs cap will look like this as they pursue D-Will, whose max salary would be $17,177,795.

Cap charges that would be retained with a signing of D-Will

Nowitzki – 20,907,128

Marion – 8,396,364

Carter – 3,090,000

Beaubois – 2,227,333

Jones – 1,276,560

Wright – 992,680

Cap hold for pick 24 (until signed) – 993,600

Cap hold for Mahinmi (until signed) – 854,389

4 cap holds for empty roster slots at 473,604 each – 1,894,416

TOTAL – 40,632,170

Signing room available with 58.044M cap – 17,411,530

Additional cap charges/assets that would exist, but that can be removed procedurally if D-Will is ready to sign as a free agent

Haywood (amnesty) – 8,349,000

Bird rights cap hold for JET – 16,737,000

Bird rights cap hold for Kidd – 15,181,500

Veteran free agent cap hold for Yi – 854,389

Veteran free agent cap hold for West – 854,389

Veteran free agent cap hold for Cardinal – 854,389

Mid-level exception – 5,000,000

Bi-annual exception – 1,957,000

Trade exception (Chandler) – 4,207,838

Trade exception (Brewer) – 3,059,000

Trade exception (Fernandez) – 2,180,443

Trade exception (Azubuike) – 992,680

Trade exception (Odom trade, assumed) – 8,200,000

If we figure the Mavs sign D-Will their roster for 2012-13 is taking shape. Much can change during free agency, but without explanation on the details, here’s an early look at the roster we might see considering their CBA limits:

C/PF- Nowitzki, Wright, Mahinmi, #33 pick James, $2.575M exception signee, minimum signee

SF – Marion, Carter, #34 pick Crowder

SG – Roddy, West, #24 pick Cunningham

PG – D-Will, Kidd, Jones

‘”It going to be a exciting weekend for Mavs fans,” Dirk Nowitzki said this morning … and he’s not just talking about his charity baseball game, but also about Mavs Summer Shopping.
Posted Jun 29, 2012

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