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Mavericks Fail To Even Series, Down 2-0

Mavericks Fail To Even Series, Down 2-0

Another tough loss. Hard to swallow. Brutal ending. We’ll get ‘em next time! Re-up and get ready for the next game. Just didn’t go our way tonight. *Random sentence full of expletives*.

Insert any synonym for the statement “we lost”. Game 2 was a roller coaster game of high ups and low downs for the Dallas Mavericks. I shan’t bore the audience with player stats and +/-‘s on this one. I mean…it’s the playoffs…no one cares about stats.

“We just haven’t made enough plays,” Rick Carlisle said. “It’s tough, no question about it. We’ve had opportunities, but we haven’t cashed in. They’ve made one more play than we have, and that’s how playoff basketball is. We come away from these two games disappointed, but not dismayed.”

Skip to the last few minutes of the first quarter. Game was within one or two points either way. Mavs start turning the ball over and OKC goes on a quick run to end the quarter up by 8. Sigh

Beginning of the second quarter…Mavs cannot score a bucket to save their LIVES! OKC’s lead balloons up to 16. Sigh

Dallasplayed better midway through the second and went a quick 9-1 run to get back into the game only down 9 at halftime. No sigh here. But,,,still sighing from the previous two sighs so…I can sigh here again. Sigh.

Fast forward to the third quarter…Mavs go up by 3 after Dirkules decides to go absolutely bananas for a stretch. Quick 6-0 run by OKC puts them back up shortly thereafter. We got into the penalty with 10 minutes left in the quarter. That is NOT a typo. I really mean that the Mavs were shooting free throws with every whistle after 2 played minutes. We just didn’t take advantage of it. Jump shot after jump shot after jump shot. Sigh.

I was an emotional wreck for most of the entire game but mostly in the fourth quarter. Every possession magnified…every made and missed bucket crucial to the outcome. I was in attendance at the AAC Watch Party and the atmosphere was amazing. 5,000 people booing the guy in the Durant jersey every time he got up from his seat…classic stuff! My heart pounding for about 30 minutes straight during the fourth so forgive me if I make any mistakes here (don’t worry I didn’t).

We had chance after chance after chance to put the game away just like Game 1…but we did not. Kidd attempted 3’s on 3 possessions in a row late in the game (by my count) and missed all three of them. All of them in and out. Sigh.

Dirk was Dirk tonight! But…make that layup that you missed with about 2 minutes left in the game…and we probably win. Make that WIIIIIIIIDDEEEEE OPPPEEEEENNN 3 you took late in the game…and we win. Frustrating to say the least.

“We’re just a couple bounces away from being up 2-0,” said Nowitzki.

Now…I am NOT one to complain about the refs EVER. But that JET foul on Durant with 2 seconds left on the shot clock late in the game…has to be the absolute WORST call I have ever seen in my life. Before I get hit with the “homer” nickname…keep in mind that I call out refs even when bogus calls go in the Mavs favor. I hate disgusting calls…for my team as well as against. Oh and Durant had about 3 times as many FT attempts than made FG’s…I’m just saying. Sigh

I am very confident that the Mavs will still win this series. I originally predicted Mavs in 6…I stick with that but Mavs in 7 seems more likely after the Game 2 loss. Mavs should not drop their heads. OKC did what they were supposed to do…protect homecourt and get 2 W’s. Now its our turn. But 2 wins is not the focus right now. One win is. Game 3…Thursday night…AAC. I will be there…will you?

“It’s tough and it’s frustrating, but we’re going to keep coming. We’re not going to lay down. If they beat us, we’re going to make them earn it.”

Go Mavs…are you “ALL IN”?!!

You can follow me on twitter @kenny_817 and as always…GO MAVS!

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