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Mavericks Land Curry Off Waivers…End Of Line For Delonte West?

Mavericks Land Curry Off Waivers…End Of Line For Delonte West?

To start the morning, we discovered that Delonte West was once again suspended. Then came a bunch of tweets by Delonte. He was under the impression that he was wrongfully accused of an argument that took place in the locker room…which lead to him being texted this morning not to come to practice.

About 6 hours later, and the Mavericks seem to be looking past this whole ordeal.

The Dallas Mavericks have just claimed veteran center Eddy Curry off of waivers.

”We are excited to bring Eddy Curry to Dallas, president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said in a release. He has worked extremely hard this offseason and can provide our front line with much needed depth.”

Even though Delonte was suspended, he is still considered a player on the Mavericks active roster. With the addition of Eddy Curry, they now have one to many pigs in the pen. Most likely, this will mean the end of the line for Delonte West as a Dallas Maverick.

Eddie Curry once showed huge promise. Drafted 4th overall by the Chicago Bulls in the 2001 draft, he had some strong seasons. He has always been considered a LARGE basketball player, but his weight gains were starting to take its toll on his performance on the court, and his health as well. He has had issues with chest pains and being lightheaded.

He was just was recently released by the San Antonio Spurs, but many sources say that he was playing quite well, until the decision was made by Spurs management. This begs the question…Why the cut?

Forget that question for now. The Mavericks are a little undersized at the moment with Dirk Nowitzki sidelined the start of the season and Chris Kaman questionable for opening night. This was Dallas doing away with a player they couldn’t help, and taking on a new player they believe they can help. A win win? Not sure about that.

All in all, it’s been a very odd start to the 2012-2013 campaign. The ride has definately not been smooth.


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