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Top 10 Reasons Deron Should Come Home

Top 10 Reasons Deron Should Come Home

Top 10 Reasons Deron Should Come Home To Dallas:

DONUT 1: The Mavs’ track record for crafty reloading and perennial contention … has learned that Mavs owner Mark Cuban is already clearing out this weekend’s schedule to such a degree that he may not participate in his own charity baseball event.
Somebody else will have to tithe for Tony Cubes this weekend. He might be kinda busy.

The Mavs, once the July 1 window opens, will pitch the involvement of their owner (Cuban is as hands-on as they come, while the Nets’ Mikhail Prokhorov makes infrequent trips to The States while involving himself in business, politics and playboying in his native Russia). The stability of the coaching situation will be broached, too; Carlisle has his ring and a new four-year deal, an endorsement from the organization that meshes nicely with the endorsement he gets from the likes of Dirk and Kidd. The Nets’ Avery Johnson? Deron Williams says nice things about him.

Kidd and Dirk — for what it’s worth to Deron — do not.

Which franchise can stack up the building blocks needed to contend? Which front office has proven it can do so at a championship level? The Nets’ most recent attempt at creativity was the sacrifice of a lotto pick for a half-season (and maybe no more) rental of Gerald Wallace.

The Mavs’ idea of creativity? Long-time readers can reel ’em off by rote: The KVH Expiring, The Stack Chip, The Buck Shot, Peja trickery, DUST, getting Odom for nothing (oh well, can’t win ’em all) …

And now, the ultimate in creativity in our much-borrowed-from exclusive story: “The Mavs Summer Planner,” in which the moves the Dallas Mavericks want to make in conjuction with sign-and-trading for Deron are detailed.

What you see in that must-read story is what Dallas officials will explain to Deron and agent Jeff Schwartz.

Marc Stein’s fine story this weekend confirms what we essentially already knew (as Deron previously hinted how short his list of suitors would be): It’s the Nets vs. the Mavs. … and the Nets’ greatest challenge might be right here in Donut 1: How to establish with Williams how their decade long track record of winning 30-or-so games a year matches up with Dallas’ decade-long track record of in 82-game seasons winning 50-plus annually.

DONUT 2: “Comfortability” and friendships …

One of Deron’s best friends, former Illinois teammate Jerrance Howard, just got hired at SMU. (See below). Another of his pals, Dee Brown, gives Deron-to-Dallas hints on Twitter. C.J. Miles, like Deron a Dallas native and a teammate in Utah, comes right out and says it:

When The 75-Member Staff asked Miles abouta possible Deron-and-Dirk teaming in Dallas, C.J. smiled and replied, “Hopefully!”

Deron’s friends are comfortable talking about it — even encouraging it. Some of his friends (like Miles) might even end up on the Dallas roster.

And of course Deron’s boyhood idol and now friend, Jason Kidd, hardly hides his desire to have Williams join him here. As the DallasNews points out, Deron grew up wearing jersey No. 5 as a Mavs fan in The Colony.

It is easy to envision: Someday, all the friends can gather inside American Airlines Center to watch the raising of the third of trio of banners … Up first will go Kidd’s No. 5. Next will be Dirk’s No. 41.

Deron can’t have No. 5, like he did as a boy. So he’ll have to settle for being as close to No. 5 as can be, his “DERON WILLIAMS NO. 8” banner waving in the rafters forever.

DONUT 3: The depending-how-you-look-at-it money … 

The New York state income tax is 8.6 percent (compared to zero in Texas). I could dismiss this as an issue expect that Deron himself is on-record as the rare athlete who has himself mentioned it.

Deron hasn’t discussed the cost of living in the New York area, said by some to be 44 percent higher than in DFW. Mavs officials will certainly invite him to “discuss” it.

It’s often been said during this process that “money doesn’t matter” to Deron and of course, that is ridiculous. It matters to him just as it matters to you.

What’s getting screwed up by those who proclaim that are the actual numbers involved. As we’ve written for months, there is no “five-year, $108 million contract” available to Deron for sticking with the Nets. The NY media can write that 108 million times. It won’t make it more true.

It’s five years and $98.77 million. I cannot explain why readers in Dallas know this but readers in New York/New Jersey do not. I am sorry. I am dumbfounded by the inaccuracy.

The Nets’ initial contract with him is therefore greater (due to the extra year built in) than what Dallas can offer. That number is $73.35 million for four years.

DONUT 4: The smaller pieces around him … 

If the Mavs achieve their ideal here, the D-Will acquisition is a sign-and-trade. (Move Roddy B, DoJo, Carter, Odom and picks out, involve a third team, and arrange for Brooklyn to net a $17 million TE and young players). Doing so allows Dallas to keep its core roster/assets largely intact — with Deron being added to them rather than pushed out for him.

The Nets will have other ideas. They will initially react negatively to the idea of a sign-and-trade. Maybe that resistance will be eroded, maybe not. If Williams opts to come home, this ball is in Deron’s court, however — not Brooklyn’s.

DONUT 5: The potential for another monster piece … 

We’ve called it “The 3D Blueprint” and admittedly, the idea of supplementing Dirk not only with Deron but, at some point after that, with a third superstar (“D” for “Dwight”) seems literally incredible.
But the way we run the numbers and interpret the whispers from Mavs HQ make it seem so. And essentially comfirming the 3D Blueprint story we first detailed in February is this powerful quote from the team’s “unofficial assistant GM, ” Kidd himself:

“I really think Cuban is going to put the pieces together to give us an opportunity to get back to win it,” Kidd says. “He put himself in position to go get two more studs.”

And of course, if Dwight Howard doesn’t go to Brooklyn anytime soon, that situaion is all the less attractive to Deron. At this moment,Houston is reportedly trying to assemble assets to bring Dwight to the Rockets.That might end up being a one-year rental with Howard free next summer.

The Mavs can position themselves for a bid then … or can take advantage of their present situation and chase Kidd’s multiple “studs” now.

Worth noting: One long-standing attraction to the Nets was the idea of Deron and Dwight teamming up there. In that sense, Mavs fans should root for Dwight to get traded to Houston … and then, of course, to become a free agent himself next summer.

DONUT 6: And the sure thing: The finest teammate Deron will ever have … 

And of course there is Dirk Nowitzki, the best player Deron will have ever passed to and the best teammate he will ever have.

We’ve used Synergy to forecast the ways Dirk and Deron can team together on offense, and projected the pet plays and the numbers of two guys capable of each scoring 22 points per game as the keys to the Dallas attack. The advanced-stats combo platter is delicious!

The UberMan is one of the 12 greatest players in the world, one of the five most clutch offensive players in the world, and is no worst than tied for first as a teammate and a person.

Kidd says he wishes to again “go to war with Dirk,” it is the strongest possible endorsement. That is the language used by a competitor who values the extraordinary gifts of a friend and teammate.

Forget detailing the Nets’ “potential young talent.” There’s no Nowitzki there. Deron would be wise to value the opportunity to team with Dirk, and to take the baton from him, similarily.
DONUT 7: Family matters … 

All the stories from Deron’s mom, Denise Smith, charmingly noting that she doesn’t know anything about her son’s decision? Adorable! (Also makes me wonder, if we know she doesn’t know, why we feel obliged to keep interviewing her.)

But we do know what Denise might want, and we know about Williams’ view of family. He has frequently expressed his desire to land somewhere where he and his wife can comfortably raise their four children … the same way his mother raised, and is raising, Deron’s family in The Colony, Texas. Deron’s mom lives in a $229,000 home her son purchased for her in 2007. (It is the sort of lovely home that would cost four times that amount if located in New York/New Jersey neighborhoods where pro athletes reside.) Deron’s uncle and aunt live in Forney. And when Deron recently hosted a birthday party for one of his young children, he didn’t bring the relatives to his rented home in Brooklyn; he brought the wife and kids “home” to Dallas for the celebration.

It was almost certainly during that visit, by the way, that Deron and Amy engaged in some just-in-case DFW househunting. (Sources tell me that contrary to rumor, the Williamses have NOT purchased property here.)

Once upon a time — that is, last winter — Deron’s little brother planned to attend prep school in New Jersey. Those plans have been dumped.

On many occasions, I am told, Amy’s parents have traveled for weekend visits from their Carrollton base to see the Williamses. Deron used to jet his father-in-law to Utah so he could preach to the local congregation in Salt Lake City. Yes, Amy’s dad Nick Young is the pastor at Carrollton Church of Christ.

They are people of faith, both families. And they are close.

Amy and Deron’s families have known each other since the two lovebirds were together in the second grade. They are devoted to one another. … and to their families.

And their families — grandmas and grandpas and brothers and uncles and aunts and cousins — all reside in DFW.

Yes, you can build a family, raise a family, in Brooklyn. The new Barclays Arena and the team headquarters are not in one building but are a few minutes’ drive from each other. For living arrangements, a Nets player could live in nearby Brooklyn Heights, though that area is devoid of the mansions or even McMansions usually favored by athletes earning $17 million a year. Or some Nets players might continue to live in New Jersey, on the other side of the Holland Tunnel.
In Dallas? Deron could live eight minutes away from the AAC, where Dirk and Cuban live in huge estates, and where Cuban and Carlisle’s daughters attend classes together at The Hockaday School. Or he could live a bit north of there, nearer the grandparents. Or on any of the dozens of magnificent golf courses that dot DFW and that would connect with another of his sporting passions.

So yes, you can build a family in Brooklyn. But Deron’s already built a family here.

DONUT 8: Speculative dollars …

I say “speculative” because there is no set answer to Deron Williams’ endorsement power in either market. market in this region. Tie him in with the baseball team he adores, the two-time AL champion Texas Rangers, and there is money there. Do the same with the Dallas Cowboys and he’s associated with Staubach and Aikman and Emmitt. Let the Mavs’ corporate muscle (the Mavs will inform Deron they have the second-strongest base of corporate sponsorship in the NBA) and watch how quickly he becomes a regional or even national spokesman for an automobile company. broke the story of the involvement of “World Wide Wes” in these dealings. William Wesley, the NBA powerbroker, has a voice here. Wes had a voice in my earlier mention of Deron’s pal Jerrance Howard getting an assistant job at booster-rich SMU (quite a coincidence)!

If Deron cares about endorsement dollars, there might be no place quite like the NY area. Or … maybe the fifth-largest media market (DFW) is close enough.

DONUT 9: Follow the leader … 
Deron has played for Utah and for New Jersey. He’s been by far the best player on both teams while also having to serve — by nature of his personality, talent and position of point guard — as the leader.

It’s a heavy load.

He’s about to become either a) THE leader, best player and spokesmodel for the Nets or b) one of the leaders, best players and faces of the Mavs.

The Nets will be his team — and all the burdens that come with such a job.

The Mavericks allow him breathing room and freedom in this regard. He can be hammocked between the two Hall-of-Fame trees, Kidd and Nowitzki. They will share the load. He will learn leadership from his idol Kidd. He will share last-second shots with Dirk (who by the way, says he knows and likes Deron very much).

He will even have an organizational voice, as Kidd and Dirk do. (Something Dwight Howard praises Cuban’s organization for allowing.)

DONUT 10: This is a business – a winning business … 

The two reasons Deron might stay with the Nets? One, there, he gets the biggest initial contract. And two, a sense of loyalty. He has certainly built a bond with people in that organization, and I think with the Brooklyn community as well.

But I think those are trumped by the nine aforementioned reasons, and by Deron’s goals as defined not by me but by Deron himself. This isn’t about a New York writer making up percentages and it’s not about Dallas fans suffering from MavVirus thinking nothing good ever happens to their team (just 12 months removed from a world title) and it’s not about whether Nets fans can out smack-talk Mavs fans.

It’s about Deron Williams’ own words. He says in a video that Dallas is his favorite place to play (a presentation easy to interpret as meaning his “favorite place to visit”). But he also says this:

“I want to go to a place where I feel like they will have a chance to build and build fast,” he says. “I’m not really in the mood for being part of a rebuilding process. I’m getting older. I’m about to be 28. I want to win. I want to win now. Also, I want to live in a place where I want to live and my kids will enjoy living. That’s pretty much it.”

Posted Jun 25, 2012

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