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Dallas Mavericks Free Agency: Enter Hassan Whiteside

Dallas Mavericks Free Agency: Enter Hassan Whiteside



You can just feel it. On the day of the 2016 NBA Draft, there are rumors swirling in regards to trade ups and trade downs, but also heavy discussion surrounding the beginning of Free Agency, which starts at 12:00 AM ET on July 1st.


Enter Hassan Whiteside.


This was reported by ESPN writer, Tim MacMahon:


Sources say the Mavs expect to be granted a meeting with center Hassan Whiteside in the opening hours of free agency, sources told The Mavs have honed in on Whiteside and point guard Mike Conley as their top two targets.


So, to sum up today, you have the reports that the Dallas Mavericks will not offer Chandler Parsons a max contract, and they have now added Whiteside alongside Conley as their top targets entering the start of free agency. They both will definitely received max offers from other teams, but it’s encouraging to see the reports about Conley’s interest in Dallas, as well as Whiteside granting an early meeting to the franchise.


As crazy as it sounds, the DeAndre Jordan air ball from a year ago could be a distant memory if the Mavericks were able to pull off the Conley-Whiteside dream, or even if they got just Whiteside.


Mike Conley



Hassan Whiteside



Whiteside really burst onto the scene two seasons ago as he started to flash some potential, but this season was the proverbial “coming out party”. He is a stat sheet stuffer, who has the ability to do it all, but did have some temper issues that flared up from time to time. He would undoubtedly become the best big man paired up with Dirk Nowitzki since Tyson Chandler, and in my opinion, would be one of, if not, the biggest free agent signings this Mavericks franchise has ever had.


Despite them both expecting max contracts, it’s also been reported via sources that that is something the Mavericks are willing to do, especially following the last few summers of disappointment.


Stay tuned, MFFL’s. It’s going to really ramp up soon!


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