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Rivalry renewed: Top 5 Cowboys’ moments against 49ers

Rivalry renewed: Top 5 Cowboys’ moments against 49ers

(())The Cowboys will face off with the 49ers this Sunday in what will be their 39th all time meeting. Currently, Dallas holds a winning record against their rivals (19-18-1). Even with the 49ers winning last year’s playoff match-up, the Cowboys still maintain a winning record in the playoffs as well (5-3).

When it comes to iconic rivalries, the Cowboys and 49ers ranks towards the top of most lists. After all, who wouldn’t be fan of watching guys like Troy Aikman and Steve Young dueling to be the best in their eras. Both franchises have a rich history that includes 10 Superbowl victories (5 each) along with many more highlight reel plays. 

While there are too many incredible moments between these two teams, lets focus on the top 5 for today.

5. Tony Romo Fractured Ribs

We’ll begin the list with a game many remember as Tony Romo’s toughest game. While this was a regular season game, it didn’t feel that way for fans once they saw the Cowboys’ season spiraling early on. Seeing Romo go down with 2 fractured ribs and taken out of the game knocked out everyone’s hope of winning against the 49ers. Yet through pure will, Tony, came back late in the game to rally the team into overtime. Once the fifth quarter began, Romo threw a beautiful pass to Jesse Holley for 77 yards, which set up the game winner for Dan Bailey. This game showed San Francisco that the Cowboys won’t go down without a fight.

4. Teague vs Owens

What started off as a showboat game for Terrell Owens, ended with him seeing stars after a brutal hit by George Teague. Everyone knows T.O. for his incredible gameplay, but his showmanship was getting the best of him against the Cowboys. After celebrating a touchdown on the center star of the field, Emmitt Smith made sure to do the same after a touchdown of his own. Yet once wasn’t enough for Owens, because he decided to go back for seconds. Only this time, George Teague would be ready to make history for one of the best hits in defense of the Cowboys’ star. Once again proving the Cowboys are always ready for a fight.

3. Primetime to Dallas

Now Deion Sanders did help the 49ers win a superbowl, but once that was completed he repaid San Francisco by heading down to the great state of Texas. To this point the 49ers and Cowboys had played three consecutive conference championships against each other. Now the Dallas Cowboys were going to take a key piece from San Francisco and put a star on the side of his helmet. Upon joining the Cowboys, Primetime fit perfectly into the starting lineup after Dallas lost their cornerback Kevin Smith to injury. While shutting down receivers was Sanders’ favorite thing to do, he also made an impact on the offense and special team sides of the ball. That would lead to the Cowboys winning their third Superbowl in four years. 

2. 1992 NFC Championship

Many believe the rivalry had gone cold, yet both teams would combine for 4 championships over the next four seasons. The beginning of three straight conference title games between these two teams would begin on this day, and Dallas made sure to start ahead with a 30-20 victory. Cowboys’ fans won’t forget how Emmitt Smith finished that game with over 170 yards and 2 touchdowns. Dallas would then go on to winning their third Superbowl in team history, first in the Jimmy Johnson era. After many tough seasons prior to this one, Jimmy couldn’t contain himself as he uttered those famous words. “How ‘Bout Dem Cowboys!”

1. 1993 NFC Championship

What’s better than winning once? Winning twice is definitely a good answer. That is exactly what happened for the Cowboys when they met the 49ers in the conference game for a second time in as many years. This time the Cowboys won by a 17 point margin in a game that finished 38-21. Once again, Emmitt Smith, rose to the occasion by posting another championship game with over 170 yards and 2 touchdowns. This would ultimately lead to Dallas’ first ever back to back Superbowl wins. 


All of these moments have been remarkable for Cowboys fans. This Sunday could also be a new moment in which we all speak about for many years to come. Lets hope the Dallas Cowboys are on the right side of history once again.

Grew up in Irving, TX since I was knee high to a duck. Loved football since i figured out what it was, and now I look forward to giving out the best information on all Dallas Cowboys News!

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