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Will the NFC East curse continue?

Will the NFC East curse continue?

Every team in the league has the same first goal of winning their own division. This allows them to have home-field advantage when the playoffs begin and use that edge in order to make the Superbowl. Year after year teams are constantly improving themselves, making it much tougher to stay at the top of the mountain. Yet certain teams find a way to keep the ball rolling in their favor with dominant stretches. 



However, the NFC East hasn’t been one of those divisions to have a steady winner. The Philadelphia Eagles were the last team to repeat as back-to-back division champions back in 03′-04′. Over the last 18 seasons the division winners have changed consistently while also being fairly spread out. The Cowboys and Eagles each have 6, while the Giants and Commanders each have 3. 

Just for perspective the following events have all happened before the NFC East has had a team clinch back-to-back division titles. 

  • The NFL hosted its first game outside of the United States.
  • Aaron Rodgers was drafted to the Green Bay Packers.
  • Youtube was created and launched their first ever video. 

All four teams continue to improve their rosters and shape them as best possible for beating one another. This off-season wasn’t any different as we’ve seen many trades inside the division. Last season the Eagles won the division, making it their new goal of trying to break the curse. Although Philadelphia looks to have made many improvements to their team, history shows this won’ be an easy task. 

The Cowboys finished in second place last season, but this time they look to make the leap to first. The new additions to the team like Brandin Cooks, and Stephon Gilmore could give Dallas the edge needed to win. 

The point being that the NFC East has proven to be a very difficult task to conquer for any of its members. The Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and Commanders are all aiming for the same goal, but who will be the one to actually achieve it? If history continues, the Eagles are in for a rough season. 



To some this curse will sound like foolishness, for others it may seem like the perfect superstition to believe in. In the words of Michael Scott “I’m superstitious, but I am a little stitious.”





Grew up in Irving, TX since I was knee high to a duck. Loved football since i figured out what it was, and now I look forward to giving out the best information on all Dallas Cowboys News!

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