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This day in Mavs History: Dirk goes bananas

Photo Credit: “2011 NBA Champions Dallas Mavericks” by Michael Tipton, used under CC BY-SA 2.0

This day in Mavs History: Dirk goes bananas

“If I’m Serge Ibaka, I’m naming my first son Dirk.”

Game one of the 2011 Western Conference finals was very likely the greatest performance of Dirk Nowitzki’s illustrious career. Not only is it remembered because of a slew of hilarious, yet accurate quotes from broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy. But it was also one of the most efficient shooting performances of all time.

Dirk scored 48 that night. Impressive in and of itself, but he only did it on 15 shots. That’s an absurd 3.2 points per shot. And as was the norm during that playoff run, Dirk was unconscious from the free throw line, going a perfect 24-24.

It was a combination of scoring volume and efficiency that we have rarely ever seen. Then you think about the type of shots he was getting up.

fadeaways, one legged fadeaways, contested 15 footers, awkward runners, etc….

It was a master class in Dirk Nowitzki basketball, and Serge Ibaka, Nick Collison, and Kendrick Perkins were the students.

And as was often the case, the Mavs needed every ounce of greatness Dirk could muster to snag a critical game one win. They would hold on to beat OKC, 121-112.



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