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2019-2020 Mavericks Player Profile: G Seth Curry

2019-2020 Mavericks Player Profile: G Seth Curry

Seth Curry
Age: 29
Position: Guard
2018-2019: 74 games, 7.9 PPG, 45% 3P%, 18.9 MPG

Do you mind if I bring up a painful memory? It comes from last season.

NBA Announcer: “Luka finds a teammate WIDE open in the corner for 3 and…CLANG!”

Night after night Luka would break down a defense, get every defender cheating and then dish one of those magic 25ft skip passes to an open man in the corner…which far too often turned into a pumpkin instead of an assist and 3pts. CLANG! CLANG! CLANG!

Last season, there was a disgraceful amount of wasted “Luka Magic”.

My friend, those days are behind us.

Not only because of the addition of one very tall Latvian sharpshooter, but also because Seth Curry has come home!

I know we are ALL excited to see Luka/KP (a pairing I’m lovingly calling “LukaCorn”), but they are not alone. They will have some very interesting help alongside them.

3 Key Points to consider

Key #1 – Elite 3pt shooting

Seth is a career 44% 3pt shooter and that number goes up to 50% from the corner. For reference, that is better than legendary spot up shooter Kyle Korver’s 43%/47.5% career splits. He was the third best 3pt shooter in the entire NBA last season putting up an impressive 45% from 3pt land. Rick Carlisle has already gone on the record saying that the Mavs will shoot more threes than last season and I guarantee that is music to Seth’s ears.  Simply put, getting Seth good looks is always a great idea.  He is a truly ELITE NBA shooter.

Key #2 – Pick your poison

Seth should THRIVE next to Luka and KP! Honest question: With all of the attention the Luka/KP pairing is going rightly demand, how will defenses be able to keep focused on Seth? Honest answer: They won’t. Seth is a really smart hooper and like any long range sniper, he knows how to find the open spots on the court. The gravity that a Luka/KP pick and roll will generate is going to suck defenders in like a black hole and I’m betting (and I’m sure Mavs coaches are betting too) Seth will be a huge benefactor from all that gravity! But it works both ways, Seth’s status as a respected sharpshooter will cause his defender hesitation in leaving him to help and that extra fraction of a second will often be all that Luka or KP need to dominate.

Key #3 – More than just a shooter

Seth an effective secondary creator. Per Synergy, in the last 2 seasons he has played major minutes, Seth has hovered at around the 90% mark of all NBA players as a pick and roll ball handler. What this means is that he isn’t just a phenomenal catch and shoot guy, but that he should also be trusted to make plays with the ball in his hands. He is a “plug and play” offensive force…a shiny new toy in Rick Carlisle’s mad scientist hands. I can’t wait to see what kind of unorthodox lineups Rick cooks up that maximizes Seth lethal ability to put the ball through the net.

Get ready Mavs fans, because the addition of Mr. Curry is going to go a long way to turn the “CLANGS” from last season into to sweet, sweet “swishes” this season!

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