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3 takeaways from the Mavericks comfortable win in Minnesota

3 takeaways from the Mavericks comfortable win in Minnesota

Premium health is more important than moving up in the standings

As we wrote about after the team’s loss in Miami, Luka just doesn’t quite look himself. So naturally, he got the day off to rest his sprained thumb and swollen ankle.

The squad took care of business and everything went according to plan, but this felt like even more of a victory because their best guy was one step closer to being at 100%.

It’s easy to lose perspective or be frustrated they haven’t been able to stack wins. But at the same time, the drafting of Luka and the Porzingis trade were big-picture moves. Potential future success should not be put at risk for the here-and-now.

Having Luka operating at full capacity is their best bet in the postseason, regardless of who the matchup is. One extra win in March isn’t worth it.

This version of Kristaps Porzingis is a game-changer

There are players in the league who are “floor-raisers.” Guys like Dorian Finney-Smith, Maxi Kleber, and Seth Curry. Players who fit comfortably on any team and do the little things that help you win.

But there are also ceiling-raisers. Players who may be unorthodox or unique, Unicorn-esque even. Where if you can find a fit for them and unlock their full potential, the entire outlook of your team changes.

That appears to be the metamorphosis Kristaps Porzingis is going through right now. The numbers are great, efficiency is up, and the team is notably better when he’s out there. He’s basically irreplaceable on both ends.

This level of play is exactly what the Mavericks envisioned when they made the deal for him a year ago. He and Luka have the potential to make the Mavericks contenders for years to come.

Hardaway and Curry are a nickname-worthy duo

I’m sure Mavericks fans can back me up on this, but it seems to be a universal truth that either Hardaway or Curry will be on every night. Sometimes it’s both!

Regardless, having two dynamic, explosive high-volume shooters to surround their other dynamic duo really makes the offense hum.

It’s a testament to Rick Carlisle, the organization, and the guys themselves that they could turn two NBA afterthoughts into vital pieces on a playoff team.



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