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A Look Back: The Top 5 SMU Basketball Games of the 2019-2020 Season


Sadly, the SMU season was cut short. The AAC Tournament was set to be in Fort Worth on the same weekend that the NCAA canceled all athletic events. Before the NCAA had the chance, the American Conference had canceled their championship tournament. With that being said, here are my top 5 games and top 5 photos from each of those games this year.

1. SMU vs Wichita State. March 1, 2020. This first game is the best college basketball game I’ve ever been to. SMU had an amazing first half and was up 37-24. SMU played strong and ripped apart Wichita State. However, something happened in the second half and SMU fell apart on offense. Wichita State went on a 17 point run and ended up winning the game by a mere 4 points. It was an amazing game to be at and breathtaking, even though SMU lost. Final: SMU 62 – WSU 66 

2. SMU vs Temple. January 18, 2020. My second pick was against Temple. The first half felt like it was shot for shot between SMU and Temple. However, in the second half, SMU tore up the court and was close to doubling Temples points in the second half. Final: SMU 68 – Temple 52

3. SMU vs Hartford. November 27, 2019. One of the only times I’ve seen a college basketball team hit 90+ points. SMU played one of the most perfect games I’ve seen, scoring 45 points in both halves. While SMU wasn’t playing a particularly challenging team, it was still impressive to put up 90 points and win by 32 points. Final: SMU 90 – Hartford 58

4. SMU vs Northwestern State. December 3, 2019. SMU headed into some big-name games after this game against Northwestern. At the time, I thought the huge win over a smaller school helped boost their confidence before coming up against Georgetown (L) and Georgia (L). Final: SMU 77 – Northwestern State 51

5. SMU vs Jacksonville State. November 5, 2019. The first game of the season is never a bad choice. Everyone is still trying to figure out where their role is, but I thought coming out of the gate strong at home was great. Final: SMU 74 – Jacksonville State 65

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