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As MLB owners and players clash over money, Rangers baseball in 2020 is looking iffier than ever

As MLB owners and players clash over money, Rangers baseball in 2020 is looking iffier than ever

Last week became a vital week for the MLB PA and MLB Owners. MLB proposed a salary cut based on the percentage of pay from players. The players took that proposal and denied it quicker than it took for you to read this sentence. The counter became a pro-rate proposal that included roughly a 114 game season lasting until the end of October. While the likelihood of that offer didn’t give much hope, MLB rejected that proposal on Wednesday. On Monday, rumors of a 50-game idea from MLB and owners surfaced if the return to play deal didn’t finalize (or less than pro-rated for an 82 game season). Here we are in early June with no sign of light at the end of the tunnel for baseball in 2020.

The one consensus on the steep hill to overcome is the financial and economic issues between players and owners. Owners suggest pro-rated salaries for a shortened season or a percentage cut of an already snipped salary. On the other side, players beg for a lengthier season with a pro-rated salary to a 100+ game season. The bottom line is fans, and players, plead for the first pitch of the 2020 season. The frustration continues to ignite with NBA finalizing a startup, NHL starting a return to play for the Stanley Cup, and the NFL still on schedule to begin in a couple of months. Former MLB pitcher, Dontrelle Willis, Cardinals pitcher, Jack Flaherty, and Angels broadcaster (former Rangers’ radio broadcaster), Victor Rojas weighed their thoughts on the situation.


What’s the Deal? Is there a 2020 Baseball season?

It’s fascinating because two months ago, I answered the exact question. I felt like baseball ended its 2020 reign in Florida during Spring Training on March 12th. I based my answer on health obstacles around COVID-19, including opening parks for employees, state health regulations, and the safety of personnel and players. After witnessing the events possibly settling down and governors allowing athletes to participate in team sports, the issue magnifies to the financial burden of the season. Regardless of who is in the right, if a 2020 season doesn’t happen because of an economic disagreement, it’ll be a pill MLB and commissioner Rob Manfred has to swallow for years and even decades. The opposition alignment, health regulations, and an initial fan” less” plan are all in place.

The million-dollar question is, can both sides come up with a compromise to provide baseball fans “America’s Pastime,” where kids and parents can gather and watch their favorite Rangers nightly in the summertime. My gut tells me it’ll happen. The timeline may be soon with MLB stating they won’t provide a counteroffer, but I believe both sides will conclude that baseball in 2020 needs to happen, for the present and future.

On the positive side, “The Natural” sounds excellent at Globe Life Field. Hoping fans will hear that in person in 2020.

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