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Dance audition tips from Dallas Sidekicks Dancer Geralynne

Dance audition tips from Dallas Sidekicks Dancer Geralynne


With games for Dallas area teams starting to end, dance audition season is right around the corner. Our sister network “Dallas Dance Fanatic” will be bringing those auditioning for pro teams all the information to be prepared. Our first dancer that we are featuring is Geralynne who completed her rookie season with the Dallas Sidekicks. Here is how she got started with dancing and her tips with auditions.

What was the first professional team you auditioned for or were apart of?  

“The Dallas Sidekicks Dane team was the first pro team I auditioned for. I was lucky enough to be a part of their team this year as well.”

How did you prepare for the audition or wish you knew to be prepared?

“To prepare for auditions, I took multiple prep classes. I took prep classes that the Dallas Sidekicks Dance team held and prep classes from other teams. I danced as much as I could to make sure I understood the style of the team I was auditioning for.”

What are some hacks for auditions?

“My biggest audition tip is to get your audition outfit as soon as possible. Not just one outfit, but two! Who knows what could happen while at auditions and what you might feel most confident wearing that day.”

What are you excited for this upcoming audition season?

“I’m most excited to see how much I have improved from last year to this year. My thought is to always keep training and trying!”

Photographer and videographer covering the Texas Legends and Dallas Sidekicks.

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