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Avenging DeAndre Jordan’s Indecision: Mavs at Clippers Preview


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It’s here. It’s finally here. The matchup Mavs fans have been waiting for all offseason is finally here. After one of the most eventful offseason’s in NBA history, the opportunity at avenge DeAndre Jordan’s reneged deal with the Dallas Mavericks is upon us tonight in a primetime showdown against the Los Angeles Clippers.


What To Watch For:

Beat DeAndre Jordan, Just Beat Him

When DeAndre Jordan decided to forgo the opportunity to become the focal point of a young and rising Mavericks team, he rubbed a lot people the wrong way. No one can fault the guy for changing his mind. We get it. It happens. The decision was big and his even indecisiveness was bigger. But it’s not what he did, it’s all about the way he did it. There is a certain level of professionalism that is expected with so much at stake for the all parties involved. We can talk X’s and O’s all we want, but for one game and one game only, that is the least of everyone’s concern. For the Mavericks, their fans, their owner, and especially themselves, they simply have to go out and fight. While it’s a shame that one of the biggest players in the DeAndre Jordan sweepstakes in Chandler Parsons can’t play tonight due to injury, the Mavs have to press forward. Look, we’re all tired of talking about it and we’re all ready to get past what happened with DeAndre, and the only way that can happen is with a Dallas Mavericks win tonight.


Building on Last Night

If you watched the Mavericks 111-95 blowout win of the Phoenix Suns last night, you’re probably as shocked as anyone about how well the Mavs played. Up by as much as 29 points in the final quarter, Dallas came storming out of the gate led behind 18 points from point guard Ray Felton. Yes, Raymond Bernard Felton! It’s little Ray y’all, you can’t stop him you can only hope to contain him! Okay, maybe that isn’t exactly the case, but how could you not be shocked by the performance of him and the Dallas Mavericks. Coming into the regular season, there were no expectations put on this team. It was just impossible to do. This team has been completely decimated by injuries since the start of training camp, and despite the first half of the finally preseason game, they haven’t had extensive time on the court together. And you couldn’t help, but notice the culture and mentality of team looks completely different. With negative stigma of Rajon Rondo surrounding this team out the door, this team looks and feels completely different than they did last season. Now, they just have to build on last night’s success.


Game Notes:

  • Deron Williams suffered a left knee contusion when he bumped knees with Suns guard Eric Bledsoe while attempting to make a pass to Zaza Pachulia during last night’s win. Williams told reporters last night he hopes to play tonight. He is officially been listed as questionable.
  • JaVale McGee (left tibial stress fracture) is out; Chandler Parsons (right knee surgery) is out.
  • The Los Angeles Clippers (1-0), like the Mavericks, are playing on the second night of a back-to-back, after beating the Sacramento Kings on the road last night, 111-104.


How To Watch:

9:30 p.m. CT Thursday.


Radio: KESN-FM (103.3), KZMP-AM (1540) in Spanish



This game is going to be better than the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight and you won’t even have to spend $99.95 for it. I guarantee it.



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