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Best of the Mavericks social media fun after several days in the bubble

Photo: Michael Lark/Dallas Sports Fanatic

Best of the Mavericks social media fun after several days in the bubble

The 22 teams that will participate in the NBA’s resumption of the 2019-2020 season all officially arrived in the “bubble” at the Walt Disney World resort this week. The Mavericks arrived on Wednesday and cleared their 48 hour quarantines in their hotel rooms on Friday afternoon. The team quickly got to work with a team meeting and practice on Friday afternoon. While some players on certain teams have taken the route about complaining about the food or their hotel room, fun-loving Mavericks have chosen a different route and have shown that it is possible to have some fun on this unprecedented journey.

Below are some of the highlights from all of the fun the Mavericks have been sharing on social media throughout the week. Hopefully this content continues for a while! First, the clip that spread around social media like wildfire earlier in the week.

After practice on Friday, Maxi Kleber provided some background on the production of that video that was shared on his Instagram story.

This video was obviously filmed while the team was practicing back in Dallas, but it’s a still a fun play on those iconic commercials that always played on Disney Channel.

While Luka Doncic certainly hasn’t been as public with his video game playing after he posted about his Fortnite adventures several times a week the summer he was drafted back in 2018, the bubble will certainly provide Luka the time to get back on a video game quick. Unfortunately, the bubble WiFi was giving him a bit of a hard time earlier this week.

Big man Boban Marjanovic may be on the Mavericks now, but his friendship with current 76er Tobias Harris goes back several years and the pair have been dominating social media with their buddy videos over time. Luckily for the pair, the Mavs and Sixers are both staying at the Grand Floridian Hotel and perhaps they’ll get to have plenty of fun while maintaining proper social distancing.

J.J. Barea has certainly made a splash with his various looks during quarantine and now his vastly different on-court appearance now that the team is practicing. He told The Ticket on Friday that he isn’t sure how long he’ll keep the mustache because he just had it to have fun with his teammates, but maybe it will stick?

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to see a crazy Luka Doncic trick shot, but it felt good to see one from the strange hotel ballroom practice court.

On a non-Mavs note, Magic forward Terrence Ross gave us a peek at the testing process the players are going through. Certainly isn’t something that would be fun to go through every single day. It’s definitely nothing compared to what people with the virus are suffering through, but it’s going to be tough to mentally prep yourself for a swab going uncomfortably far up your nose daily.

So far, so good for the workings of the NBA Bubble. With it just slightly less than three weeks from the first regular season games, there is still plenty of times for things to go wrong or just get more under control as players, coaches and staff members begin to find their footing. Hopefully it’s the latter and an NBA champion will be crowned without any skepticism in a few months.

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