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Boorometer Rankings: Active Players


Via: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Via: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


Villains have always been a juicy storyline in the NBA.  There have been League-wide villains, like when Lebron James left Cleveland to go to Miami.1  There have been villains that only provoke one certain franchise, like Kobe Bryant and the Toronto Raptors after January 22, 2006.2  Then there are the villains that villainize their own team, enter Rajon Rondo… forever a former Maverick.  


There are several villains that receive some extra discouragement from MFFLs when they’re introduced in the AAC.  So we surveyed 140-221 people34 and simply ask if MFFLs would boo Insert Active Player’s Name if they were introduced at the AAC.  Here are the results:


Name Votes Yes % No % Yes Votes No Votes
TCWSNBN 172 90% 10% 155 17
Rajon Rondo 178 83% 17% 148 30
Patrick Beverley 141 83% 17% 117 24
James Harden 175 82% 18% 144 32
Chandler Parsons 178 48% 52% 85 93
Draymond Green 161 45% 55% 72 89
Russell Westbrook 221 38% 62% 84 137
Dwyane Wade 163 36% 64% 59 104
LeBron James 174 34% 66% 59 115
Kevin Durant 190 32% 68% 61 129
Manu Ginobili 152 29% 71% 44 108


TCWSNBN5 received the most “Yes” votes and the highest percentage of Yes Votes which shouldn’t come to a surprise at all.  The Mavs6 and Mavs fans are still feeling the effects of ‘Emojigate‘ almost a year and a half later.   This is super creepy but enjoy this interpretation of the night TCWSNBN got away…. 7


The second highest ‘Yes’ vote getter needs no introduction, the way he handled himself and waltz up the court in this playoff game a few years ago is all that needs to be said…




Rondo, TCWSNBN, and the two Rockets were the easiest to predict but some of those numbers are really surprising.  


After Dwyane Wade and Lebron James mocked Dirk Nowitzki during the 2011 NBA Finals by pretending to cough8 Mavs fans have a free pass to boo Wade for the rest of his career.  On the latest Mavs Fanatic Podcast, Chris Arnold said that Mavs fans have a “short memory” regarding the low percentage of MFFLs that would boo Wade.  Arnold reminded us that after the 2006 NBA Finals Dirk said that the Mavericks “blew it” after they lost the championship despite winning the first two games in the series.9  Wade’s response to that notion was more than boo-worthy, Arnold recounts that “D-Wade said, ‘you didn’t blow it, we took it! How dare you say we blew it?’ And he refused to shake Dirk’s hand at the All-Star game the year after that.  That’s petty.”


(You can listen to our podcast with Chris Arnold in its entirety here and on iTunes)


 Only 48% of Mavericks fans said that they would boo former Maverick Chandler Parsons even though this was the actual response the night Parsons first returned to the AAC:




Mavs Fanatic Podcast: Boorometer Episode


Taimon and I were joined by Dylan Duell and broke down the Boorometer rankings and scold the MFFLs that voted ‘No’ on ‘Prop D-Wade’ on the Mavs Fanatic Podcast:



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  1. Not 1…Not 2…LOL
  2. Of course other franchises hate Kobe too, but after that 81-point game the Raps, and Jalen Rose, never lived it down
  3. Family feud style
  4. At least that’s how many votes we received
  5. Aka the Clippers Center
  6. And Wes Matthews wallet
  7. Told you it was creepy
  9. But we didn’t have to remind you of that…sorry

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