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Brice Butler is America’s Team Best Kept Secret

With all the attention surrounding Ezekiel Elliott and the main receiving threats, the best kept secret on the Dallas Cowboys just may be Brice Butler.

Brice Butler is America’s Team Best Kept Secret

Role players are players who typically serve a very specific purpose on a team, most frequently referenced in Basketball ( such as a 3 and D wing or an elite paint-protector.) Although they may not be the most famous player on a team, they are sorely missed if they don’t do their job. Role players are frequently overlooked, especially on football teams where they blend in with the other 46 players on the game day roster.

Thank goodness that wasn’t the case on Monday night. Brice Butler, the 4th receiver on the depth chart, decided to make his presence felt. Coming off a 90 yard, 1 TD performance against the Arizona Cardinals, Brice Butler solidified his place in the Cowboys offense. Coming off a very productive offseason and battling himself back from the roster bubble, Butler has proven to the Cowboys that he is a certified deep threat. 

On only 4 receptions this season, Butler has 138 yards and a TD. Just for reference, Dez Bryant has 114 yards on 11 receptions.

Butler Has Been Waiting To Become a Productive Member of an Offense for Years

 A former Oakland Raider, Butler is entering his 5th season in the league. He is accredited 62 receptions for 998 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns through  51 games. Those are pretty humble stats for a 5th year receiver. However, I believe Butler is primed for a spike in snap count, and an infusion into his stat column. Drafted in the seventh round of the 2013 NFL draft, Butler had to battle to make the Oakland Raiders roster. Yet Butler has stuck around, and I believe his persistence may finally be paying off.

It can be difficult for a receiver to stand out from his competition. Wide receivers are fairly replaceable, with plenty being available in the draft each season. This is part of why many believed Butler to be on the offseason chopping block this year. His first two years in Dallas, Butler was viewed as a two-sided coin. Somebody who would catch the 40 yard deep ball, but would drop a slant in the open field. While some may say he still struggles with consistency, I believe he has solidified himself and his positon within this team. At 6’3, 220 pounds, Butler has the speed-size combination that makes offensive coordinators drool at the mouth.

If Dallas continues to be sluggish offensively, expect Butler’s role within the offense to increase. After all, the man is averaging 35 yards a catch to start off the season. That kind of production doesn’t stay secret for long.



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