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Carlisle Ranks High in NBA GM Survey

The NBA conducted their annual GM Survey and the Dallas Mavericks received some votes in a few key areas.

Carlisle Ranks High in NBA GM Survey




The annual NBA GM Survey is fairly self-explanatory, asks every GM1 to vote for superlatives and sign their yearbook at the beginning of the year instead of at the end.


Some of these categories are obvious and end of the year awards: MVP, Best Defensive Player, Rookie of the Year, etc.  While others are somewhat opinion based projections: Which player forces opposing coaches to make the most adjustments or if you were starting a franchise today and could sign any player in the NBA, who would it be?


The Dallas Mavericks received some love in a few areas, with Rick Carlisle receiving a ton of votes in several polls.  While reading this, keep in mind that there are 30 NBA GMs so anything around 3% is basically 1 vote.



Rank the top four teams in the Western Conference2


1. Golden State
2. San Antonio
3. LA Clippers
4. Oklahoma City
5. Portland
6. Utah
7. Memphis
8. Houston
9. Dallas*


*Dallas did receive 3.6% of the vote for 4th best in West.3


There seems to be a consensus between the NBA community about how the West should stack up.  There’s Tier 1 where the Warriors sit, then there’s Tier 2 with the Spurs and Clippers, and then there’s Tier 3 that has OKC, Portland, Utah, Memphis, Houston, Dallas, and sometimes Minnesota. 



Who was the most underrated player acquisition?


1. George Hill, Utah – 24.1%
2. Jeff Teague, Indiana – 13.8%
3. Andrew Bogut, Dallas – 10.3%
4. Serge Ibaka, Orlando – 6.9%
Victor Oladipo, Oklahoma City – 6.9%


Also receiving votes: Ryan Anderson, Houston; Matthew Dellavedova, Milwaukee; Boris Diaw, Utah; Mike Dunleavy, Cleveland; Pau Gasol, San Antonio; LeBron James, Cleveland; Courtney Lee, New York; Jeremy Lin, Brooklyn; Zaza Pachulia, Golden State; Dion Waiters, Miami; Thaddeus Young, Indiana


Last year: Ty Lawson, Paul Pierce & David West – 10.3%


Glad to see that Bogut is getting some attention outside of Dallas, he’s shown so far to be a great passer, rim protector, and personality in the locker room.  



Who is the best international player in the NBA?


1. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee – 27.6%
2. Marc Gasol, Memphis – 24.1%
3. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas – 22.4%
4. Kristaps Porzingis, New York – 12.1%
5. Pau Gasol, San Antonio – 6.9%


Also receiving votes: Rudy Gobert, Utah; Andrew Wiggins, Minnesota


Last year: Marc Gasol – 62.1%


Amazing, going into his 19th year in the NBA, Dirk Nowitzki is defying all odds and is still highly rated among international players.  Or is this a referendum on the international talent that is coming into the NBA? 



Who is the best head coach in the NBA?


1. Gregg Popovich, San Antonio – 83.3%
2. Rick Carlisle, Dallas – 13.3%
3. Brad Stevens, Boston – 3.3%


Last year: Gregg Popovich – 93.1%



Which head coach is the best manager/motivator of people?


1. Gregg Popovich, San Antonio – 66.7%
2. Steve Kerr, Golden State – 16.7%
3. Brad Stevens, Boston – 6.7%


Also receiving votes: Rick Carlisle, Dallas; Steve Clifford, Charlotte; Doc Rivers, L.A. Clippers


Last year: Gregg Popovich – 48.3%



Which head coach makes the best in-game adjustments?


1. Rick Carlisle, Dallas – 41.4%
2. Gregg Popovich, San Antonio – 31.0%
3. Brad Stevens, Boston – 13.8%


Also receiving votes: Mike Budenholzer, Atlanta; Doc Rivers, L.A. Clippers; Erik Spoelstra, Miami; Stan Van Gundy, Detroit


Last year: Gregg Popovich – 37.9%



Which head coach runs the best offense?


1. Steve Kerr, Golden State – 63.3%
2. Gregg Popovich, San Antonio – 16.7%
3. Rick Carlisle, Dallas – 6.7%
    Mike D’Antoni, Houston – 6.7%


Also receiving votes: Brad Stevens, Boston; Terry Stotts, Portland


Last year: Steve Kerr – 58.6%


Coach Carlisle is often considered ‘One of the Best Coaches in the NBA’ but it’s great to look and see what NBA Executives think about him.  It’s especially good to see Carlisle come out on top over someone like Gregg Popovich who, by all measures, is one of the best coaches in NBA History. 



Which team has the best home-court advantage?


1. Golden State – 58.3%
2. Denver – 16.7%
3. Oklahoma City – 10.0%
4. San Antonio – 6.7%
5. Utah – 5.0%
6. Portland – 3.3%


Last year: Golden State – 65.5%


This is where you come in MFFLs, the Mavericks didn’t even get one vote in this category… It’s time to change that.  The first home game of the season is October 30th against the Houston Rockets, see you there!


  1. Some GMs during the Summer League admitted to us in the Sports Business Classroom that they let their assistants vote in this SSHHH
  2. GMs were asked to Rank their Top 4 Teams in Western Conference, then their votes were averaged to come up with a final ranking.
  3. Shoutout to that lone GM who believes in the Mavericks!

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