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Cowboys Mailbag: Toughest stretch of the season for Dallas?

Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire

Cowboys Mailbag: Toughest stretch of the season for Dallas?

Now that the schedule has been released, what do you see as the Cowboys’ toughest stretch of the season?

Mason: The toughest stretch I see for the Cowboys is from week eight to week 13. It starts with a road primetime game against the Eagles followed up by games against the Steelers, Vikings, Redskins, and Ravens. They get an easier game after that against the Bengals, but then they are right back at it against the 49ers week 15. I believe the Cowboys can win at least five of these seven games, which you will definitely take given how tough these teams can be.

Griffin: The month of November will be a make or break month for the Cowboys. With four games against Philadelphia (November 1), Pittsburgh (November 8), Minnesota (November 22), and Washington (November 26), Dallas will be playing against three teams vying for playoff spots next season. The Redskins should be an easier game but winning on Thanksgiving and beating a divisional opponent is always important. Matchups against the Eagles this season will be the most important, as the Cowboys will be competing with them for an NFC East championship spot. The Steelers and Vikings will be seen as litmus tests for Dallas, seeing where they stack up against other playoff-caliber teams in the league. There is a possibility of an 1-3 record in the month of November, there is a possibility of a 4-0 record. If the Cowboys want to be serious contenders, picking up wins against those levels of teams will define the season.

Opening day, who takes the #2 receiving spot? Gallup or Lamb?

Mason: Gallup for sure. Lamb, with a great season, could easily shoot up for the WR #2 spot. However, right now that spot is for Gallup simply because he has been here for two years already and shown great improvement. It would not really be fair to him to bump him off his spot on the depth chart for a talented but still unproven rookie.

Griffin: Michael Gallup is coming into his third NFL season and has established himself as the Cowboys’ secondary receiver. His 1,1107 receiving yards ranked 20th in the league last season and Amari Cooper was still on the other side of him. While CeeDee Lamb is going to come in and give Dallas another dimension, Gallup is still the secondary guy for Dak Prescott to start the 2020 season. Chemistry will take time to develop with Lamb and Gallup is an already proven commodity. His production may go down due to more weapons to throw to, but the Cowboys’ #2 receiver is Michael Gallup.

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