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Cowboys Nation’s reaction to Scott Linehan’s firing tells you everything you need to know

Cowboys Nation’s reaction to Scott Linehan’s firing tells you everything you need to know

Friday afternoon, the Cowboys announced they had “mutually parted ways” with offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. Whether or not the departure was truly mutual may never be confirmed, and if we’re being honest, it really doesn’t matter.

Linehan’s five-year run with the Cowboys was beginning to look more like an inside joke than a legitimate long-term strategy with every passing day. An inside joke that was only funny to the Cowboys front office.

It doesn’t matter “who broke up with who”, or, “when exactly the Cowboys decided to move on”. What matters is that the decision has finally been made. The cord has finally been cut, and the Cowboy community is brimming with excitement only days removed from their playoff loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

Cowboys Nation Feels Liberated With News of Linehan’s Departure

NFL reporter Jane Slater describes the mood in the Cowboy locker room after Linehan’s dismissal:

“A wise man once said nothing at all.” Well played, Dez. Well played.

The bottom line is that if the players were that disheartened by Linehan’s leadership, and still managed to win a playoff game- Imagine what could be possible with an offensive version of Kris Richard on staff. Someone who the players are motivated to fight for in every situation, and maximizes the talent of the people around him.

Regardless of who is hired next, fresh air has arrived for a stagnant offense.

A “joyous day in Cowboyland” indeed.

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