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Cowboys need to break Divisional Round curse

Cowboys need to break Divisional Round curse

The Cowboys won a playoff game for the first time in four years! The fans are celebrating and the football world is giddy when the Cowboys are good.  Yet, this is a short-lived moment, because the Cowboys aren’t getting past the divisional round. That statement has been true for 23 years and it hasn’t changed one-bit.

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys won on Saturday night in convincing fashion, showcasing their dominant defense and the winning gene that their quarterback and running back show off. Also, they got a favorable match-up with a LA Rams team that has its own questions and a home field advantage that might be neutral by game time.

Yet, the safe bet is to bet against this team because hey the Cowboys don’t advance past this round.  It is set in stone.

So after they lose this game, we will award head coach Jason Garrett an extension, try to save some coaches jobs, replace others, go back into the draft and see if we can do this again next year.

This has got to end.  The team has to find a way to win on Saturday night in LA because this curse has to end. There is no way an organization should sit back and allow this misery continued to grow and grow and take away hope from the fans.

We’ve gotten close before.  2014 was the staple year where it was going to happen. You just believed it had to be the year.  Then Tony Romo and Dez Bryant connected for the greatest catch ever to be seen in the playoffs.  Then the curse set in and it wasn’t a catch.

2016 was a year that the youth movement was going to take over and start a new era for the Dallas Cowboys. Dak and Zeke were going to lead us to the Promised Land. They even came back down 21 points to take the lead and get us back to the NFC title game.  Aaron Rodgers then makes a miraculous throw to help win the game. The Curse works again.

Can this year be different?

The Rams might be favored by 7, but they have plenty of flaws as well.  The home-field advantage could be neutral playing field because of the large Cowboys fan population in the LA area.  The Rams’ defense gives up 5.1 yards-per-carry, which is good news for Zeke.  Our defense matches up well with the Rams offense since they lose their key weapon in Cooper Kupp.   The Cowboys are on a roll and one of the hottest teams in the playoffs.

Does this mean anything?  We will have to wait and find out.  The key thing is to hope that this might be the year the curse is broken and we can actually celebrate something with meaning.

Staff writer covering the Dallas Cowboys | A DFW native, EA has grown to love his local teams with a fury. His passion for sports led him to get a degree in Journalism from the University of North Texas. He has aspirations to be a sports writer and radio host. He has articles in multiple publications online, including The Dallas Morning News. He also is a part-time host on 103.3 FM ESPN Dallas' "Game Night" and a co-host on the Internet Radio Show "Best for Business"

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