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Should the Cowboys Shop For a Backup Quarterback?

Ok, guys. Here me out.

On a scale from one to Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars, how much did Kellen Moore crumble in the Dallas Cowboys’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts last Saturday? Before answering that, think about the fumble on his very first play of the game that converted into points for the Colts. Yea.

Moore finished that game 10 of 21 for 131 yards and no touchdowns. Not exactly the ideal outing for someone trying to claim that number two spot.

The five-year veteran quarterback holds the advantage of knowing the Cowboys’ offense, but his preseason performance has sparked conversation on both ends of the spectrum. Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star- Telegram reported that, according to a source, Moore would be the “subject of conversation at personnel meeting this week.” Then, of course, there’s this from coach Jason Garrett:

“I thought he threw the ball to the right guy a lot. I think the biggest thing if you look at his drives is we got behind the chains a little bit, had some holding penalties and you’re looking at some tough down-and-distances. And it’s hard to overcome that. But I thought he handled that stuff for the most part pretty well and just kept trying to execute ball plays. He will continue to do that.”

Meanwhile, Cowboys undrafted rookie Cooper Rush shined in Saturday’s game, finishing with two touchdowns and a 148.8 passer rating. Rush worked with the second-team offense at times during Monday’s practice, according to

For our entertainment, let’s do something the Cowboys haven’t done yet. Let’s look outside of the organization for a potential backup. The ideal backup quarterback for the Cowboys, in my opinion, is one with a little more experience than Rush and has the talent to continue to push starter Dak Prescott to be his best. A talented athlete who could step in, should something happen to Prescott, and keep the team in contention.

Colin. Kaepernick.

Last season the veteran quarterback finished the season with a 90.7 passer rating. Not stellar, but not bad for a player who was recovering from three major surgeries and working an ok offense. Kaep is back at his healthy playing weight. He’s big, athletic, and he can hurt you with his arms AND legs on the field.

He’ll be a distraction to the team, and it will be a media circus!

How? The only reason he’s being discussed in the media right now is because he doesn’t have a job. Even after that, it will die down, like everything else. Plus, his last team continuously said he wasn’t a distraction in the locker room. Couldn’t be any more distracting than some of the other issues that plagued the Cowboys this summer, right?

He’s not even that good!

Which looks better to you?

Kellen Moore

2015Dallas Cowboys31046158.734.7259.74636130571.0
2014Detroit Lions000.0
2013Detroit Lions 000.0
2012Detroit Lions000.0

Colin Kaepernick

2016San Francisco 49ers1233119659.227.62,2416.8186.816465 TD2553690.7
2015San Francisco 49ers924414459.027.11,6156.6179.46576 TD1972878.5
2014San Francisco 49ers1647828960.529.93,3697.0210.6191080 TD4855286.4
2013San Francisco 49ers1641624358.426.03,1977.7199.821864 TD46103991.6
2012San Francisco 49ers1321813662.416.81,8148.3139.5103573241698.3
2016San Francisco 49ers12695.84686.839.023028302
2015San Francisco 49ers9455.02565.728.411513004
2014San Francisco 49ers161046.56396.139.9190 TD28715
2013San Francisco 49ers16925.85245.732.842828403
2012San Francisco 49ers13634.84156.631.9550 TD18327

I don’t like how he protests the flag.

Well, he isn’t protesting the flag or the national anthem. He’s protesting police brutality, and that’s a different article for a different site. Jerry Jones has made it clear that his players will stand for the anthem, and Kaepernick has even said he would stand this season.

At the end of the day, this should be about placing your team in the best position to have a successful season. A seasoned, athletic veteran quarterback like Kaepernick at backup could be a good move for the Cowboys.

Do I think it will happen? Probably not. But, it’s worth discussing.

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