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Cowboys still have a chance at playoffs

Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that Dallas Cowboys fans would be wishing for a 6-6 record? But alas here we are. Last night, the Cowboys got an early Christmas gift with their win over the division rivals Washington Redskins. Thanks mostly to the defense and the special teams, the Cowboys were able to stay alive and bring home a 38-14 win.

What does this win mean? We still have a chance to make the playoffs! Yes the chance is slim but there’s still hope. We have four games left. Next week the Cowboys will travel up north to play another division rival, the New York Giants. The Cowboys will have had ten days to rest which is good for Dak Prescott since he played with an injured thumb last night. The Giants are having their own problems with quarterbacks so Dallas should be able to get a win.  Linebacker Sean Lee is expected to return next week which is another reason our chances look good.

The next game will be against the Oakland Raiders in Oakland. They have not had a good season and  currently have a 5-6 record. I’m not saying it’s a shoe-in, but I’d be surprised if the Cowboys don’t come home with a win. The last two games of the season will be tough. Cowboys play the Seattle Seahawks at home on Christmas Eve. They’re a good team with a record of 7-4. If the Cowboys can win against the Giants and Raiders, they will be coming home with a more confidence and a little pep in their step. That coupled with the fact that running back Ezekiel Elliot will be returning from his six game suspension, means that a win is absolutely possible.

Of course our last game of the season is in Philadelphia against the Eagles. Yes, those Eagles who ripped us apart when we played them last. If they clinch the NFC East, then this last game won’t mean much to them and it’s possible they’ll rest quarterback Carson Wentz along with most of his star counterparts. If not, then we will have our work cut out for us but anything is possible.

Staff writer covering the Dallas Cowboys | I grew up in Dallas and played HS and club soccer. I'm an avid sports fan and can remember going to Super Bowl parties with my parents in the 90s. That's when my love for the Cowboys began. I also happen to share a birthday with Mr. Aikman himself! I have my Master's in Nurse Anesthesia and work locally in the DFW area. I'm passionate about music, art, sports, traveling and my french bulldog, Zoey. I still play soccer and like to stay active.

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