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Curry vs Curry Vol 5



Last night Seth Curry squared off against his brother Stephen Curry for the second time this season and the fifth time since they entered the NBA.  Seth’s team, the Dallas Mavericks, came into the game with a 10-23 record but they had won three of their last five games.  Steph’s team, the Golden State Warriors, entered the game with a 28-5 record with the best offensive rating in NBA history.[note]116.1[/note]  Deron Williams missed the last meeting between the two teams with a calf injury so Seth started against his brother, but tonight Deron was healthy and returned to his place in the starting lineup.  During Curry vs Curry Vols 1-4 Seth played almost half as much as his brother and was greatly outnumbered…numbers-wise.


Min Pts 3P 3P% Reb Ast Stl TOs +/-
Seth 72:12 26 5-15 33% 4 15 6 5 -33
Steph 128:54 105 25-45 56% 27 33 7 11 +75


In honor of the fifth meeting of these two brothers here is every possession of Curry on Curry action.  As always, these are only the possessions where something actually happens[note]If you want to see Curry stand by the other Curry for entire possessions at a time I have that video too and it’s exponentially more boring than you would even think[/note] not just when they are both in the game.


Seth entered the game with 4:52 minutes left in the first quarter and Steph immediately took advantage by out hustling him to his spot in the corner where he shoots 62% on the year.



There’s not much Seth (or anyone) could have done to defend that shot from Steph; the footwork and dexterity needed to pull that shot off is incredible.  Seth responds a few possessions later with a floater in the lane to put the Mavs back up by one.



Later in the first quarter, Seth works a little two-man-game with Dirk Nowitzki and stops on a dime in the lane to hit this jumper to again break the tie. 



In the second quarter, the only thing that happened was that “walk and talk” clip at the beginning of this piece and this play where Seth dribbled the ball up the court with Steph in front of him.  Coach Rick Carlisle called a timeout before anything happened, but Seth hit the jumper!



Late in the third quarter, Seth makes a great find and passes to Harrison Barnes who was 3-of-7 from three-point range on the night, but he missed. 



One minute and twenty seconds later Seth finds Barnes again, and Barnes misses…again. Steph gets the rebound and drives to the opposite three-point arc where he meets a backpedaling Seth and airballs the shot.  This seemed like an odd defensive approach against a family member that has broken his own three-point shooting record.  



On the Warriors next possession, it seemed like Steph knew he was going to come out of the game soon so he attacked his younger brother and forced this shot. 



Then Seth drives in the lane and attempts another floater, misses, and somehow comes away with the rebound.  Wes Matthews hits the stepback jumper, which has nothing to do with Curry vs Curry but…buckets!



Steph didn’t play the entire fourth quarter because the game was basically wrapped up, but not before Mark Followill messes up the Seth/Steph thing[note]Like we all have, 4 times daily[/note] and Wes misses a shot to end the quarter. 



Since Seth didn’t start like he did in their last meeting, the brothers didn’t face each other as much as they did in Curry vs Curry Vol 4.  Steph came away with another win as the Warriors held onto their lead and finished 108-99 to secure their 29th win of the season.  Now after 5 meetings here are their overall stats.


  W/L Min Pts 3P 3P% Reb Ast Stl TOs +/-
Seth 0-5 98:20 37 6-18 33% 5 20 8 5 -37
Steph 5-0 159:02 119 28-51 56% 31 38 8 12 +90



Curry vs Curry Vol. 5 will return Tuesday, March 21, 2017, at American Airlines Center in our very own Dallas, Texas. 


Via: TSN

Via: TSN



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