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Dak Prescott addresses the media for the first time this season

Dak Prescott spoke with the media for about 30 minutes on Wednesday afternoon. This is the first time we have heard from Dak since it was made official that he would play under the franchise tag in 2020. 

He addressed many topics including the loss of his brother, his thoughts on not getting a deal, having a football field in his backyard to be able to work with his teammates during the pandemic, social injustice and much more. 

Dak is carrying on another legacy 

Dak Prescott lost his brother this offseason and on Wednesday, Dak credited him for the reason he is a quarterback. He feels he now has an obligation to carry on the legacy of not only his mother, but his brother as well. 

Dak has moved on from not getting a long-term deal done

Dak says there is no frustration and that he has faith in his agent and the Jones family will get something done.

“Business is business. I don’t want that in the locker room, I’m excited to be a Dallas Cowboy. I love every bit of this opportunity. I hope and believe I’ll be a Dallas Cowboy for the rest of my career,”Dak continued, “I grew up wanting to be a Dallas Cowboy and I have dreams of being a Dallas Cowboy until I’m done throwing a football.” 

Dak among those in the Cowboys bubble

Dak is one of “almost 90 percent” of Cowboys that has decided to stay in the “Cowboys bubble” that has been created at the Omni Hotel in Frisco.

At this point, the plan is to stay there for training camp only but he says they will continue listening to doctors to determine if they will continue the bubble strategy during the regular season. Prescott knows the team that remains the healthiest will have the best chance at winning in 2020.

Dak is playing at the same weight in 2020 

Despite recent photos of Dak that made it appear the quarterback lost weight, he says the weight is the same. 

Dak doesn’t have any concerns with the loss of Travis Frederick 

Dak said that he has a lot of confidence in Joe Looney and mentioned how he stepped in during the 2018 season and they were fine despite not finishing the season the way they wanted. 

Dak sees one big change on the biggest changes from Jason Garrett to Mike McCarthy 

“I don’t think we’d been as smart as we needed to be in football.” That right there speak volumes and leads you right to the biggest on the field reason the Cowboys weren’t successful under Garrett despite being very talented. He said that the communication between him, McCarthy and Kellen Moore has been great. 

Dak Prescott on CeeDee Lamb and the rest of weapons

Dak doesn’t foresee any problems getting Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, Ceedee Lamb or Ezekiel the football and complimented their selflessness.

Dak Prescott said that couldn’t be happier with the pick of Ceedee Lamb. He says that Lamb is “a great athlete, very smart, very talented and wants to learn.” He feels that he will be able to be an instant contributor on offense. 

Staff writer covering the Dallas Cowboys | Grew up in Plano, Texas. Graduated from Plano east in 2009, graduated from American broadcasting school in 2011. Big time DFW sports fan. Once went to Shawn Marions pool party the summer the Mavs won the championship.

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