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Could Dallas become a destination city for NBA free agents?

Could Dallas become a destination city for NBA free agents?


Dallas has been the butt-end of the joke when it comes to chasing down superstars these past five years. Finding an all-star caliber player to pair with Dirk Nowitzki has been challenging. However, the young nucleus of Dennis Smith Jr., Harrison Barnes, Seth Curry, Yogi Ferrell, and Nerlens Noel could be enticing enough to lure more all-star talent to the AAC.

Before we jump to any conclusions on what this team could look like after this season, the Mavs front office will need to determine how much of their cap will be dedicated to locking up Curry, Ferrell, and/or Noel to long-term deals.

Both Curry and Ferrell had breakout seasons last year and quickly became MFFL favorites. It’s no secret that the NBA has transitioned more towards the small-ball type of lineup so Curry and Ferrell could see quite the demand for their services come next offseason.

Noel will also garner the attention from the entire league after he signed his qualifying offer of $4.1 million.

Per Nick Angstadt at Mavs Moneyball, there could be several big-men that could become available next offseason. Dallas had clear intent on signing Noel to a long-term deal this past summer, but they might have some other options they could look at next year if he decides to sign elsewhere.

Either way, Noel has put all his chips on the table and is looking to hit big in next year’s free agency class. It could be an uphill battle for him since he’s been dealing with injuries his whole professional career and not to mention he isn’t even in the starting lineup for the Mavs.

Back to us being a destination city. Before the start of last year, Curry, Ferrell, and Noel weren’t names that Mavs fans particularly got excited about.

We had signed Steph’s (Curry) younger brother whom for some reason couldn’t find a long-term home anywhere and we signed an undersized guard to a 10-day contract after the Brooklyn Nets decided they didn’t even have enough room on their subpar roster for him.

Fast forward to this year, and we now have our nucleus of guards for the future. The combinations that Coach Carlisle has at his disposal is going to be fun to watch this year. He may not have the best track record when it comes to playing young guards, but he seems to be coming around on that notion.

After this season, free agents will have to at least consider Dallas as a potential landing spot. The Mavs front office will certainly do their due diligence as they continue to put pieces together for a championship contender and some may already be in our locker room. Those same guys could also be instrumental when it comes to recruiting for the future.

From Mark Cuban all the way down to the 15th player on the bench, everyone in the organization seems to be in total sync with each other. Most importantly, the young guys have a group of veterans that truly want to see them succeed. Along with money, that type of culture is something NBA free agents should seriously consider before making their next move.

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