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Cowboys Fanatic Podcast Ep. 15: Mental Health

We took a break from talking about the Dallas Cowboys for one week to address a concern that isn’t talked about near enough, mental health. What sparked the conversation was the situation at Washington State University a couple weeks back where quarterback Tyler Hilinski took his life due to his depression. A sad story that many need to hear. Depression is a disease and there are resources that can help you.

I have struggled with my own depression for most of my life and I wanted to speak out about it. I gave my thoughts and stories about what happened to cause my life to spiral out of control. It came to a point where I contemplated taking my life and why I sought out counseling.

Taimon Turner returned this week and gave his story on his childhood friend who took his life and how it has affected him as a person. We wanted to open up a dialogue surrounding mental health because there is a negative stigma surrounding the issue.

The Dallas Cowboys Editor for Dallas Sports Fanatic, Host of the Cowboys Fanatic Podcast and also covers the Cowboys for @WFAASports.

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