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DSF Mailbag: More disappointed in the offense or defense in LA?

DSF Mailbag: More disappointed in the offense or defense in LA?

More disappointed in the offense or defense against LA?

Griffin: As bad as the defense played to open the game, it rebounded extremely well in the second half, putting Dallas in a position to win multiple times. What really concerns me is how similar the offense looked compared to the Jason Garrett years. A lot of runs on first down, very little use of presnap motion, and not letting Dak Prescott throw the ball downfield. Mike McCarthy is going to have to switch it up to reach the goals we expected when hired.

Mason: There were definitely things to be disappointed in on both offense and defense against LA, but I am more disappointed in the defense. The offense did not look very bad to me considering they had Aaron Donald and company wrecking havoc on the line each snap. As for the defense, they just looked completely lost for the majority of that game. My biggest takeaway for them is the same thing from last season, the tackling was not good at all. It felt like with every run the Rams gave RB Malcolm Brown he would shake off the first tackler each time, which was a common occurrence from last season. They managed to get some stops at the end of the game but the offense was unable to capitalize. It was only week one with no preseason so I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt and say this was just a rusty game, but both offense and defense have problems to address for week two.

With injuries at linebacker and TE present on the team, do you give the players on your team the first shot at the job or turn to an outside veteran?

Griffin: For linebacker, you still with the guys you have in house and let them ride. Joe Thomas has been in the NFL for six seasons and should be able to replace Leighton Vander Esch just fine. Tight end of the other hand could be an issue. Dalton Schultz showed against the Rams he is not a reliable pass catcher. If you want to line him out there to block on the right side, that will work. However, nobody is going to fear him in the passing game. It may be smart to go get another pass catcher.

Mason: I think you at least play this next game out for the linebackers and see how they do before bringing someone new in. As for tight end, I think you bring in a free agent like Delanie Walker right now. Dalton Schultz came in on Sunday for the injured Blake Jarwin and was not particularly impressive, he even had a couple of drops on his few targets. That being said I would not be surprised if the Cowboys kept him the starter for week two, but if he showed us anything like he did in week one they should definitely be looking at some outside options.

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