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Dallas Cowboys Mailbag: Panic Time?

There are plenty of issues to discuss following the game that transpired at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte Sunday afternoon.  In what should be a weekly event, Dallas Sports Fanatic turned to Twitter to take on questions from fellow fans.

The biggest issue here is Scott Linehan. I think you need an offensive coordinator that can put together a scheme that utilizes the strengths of your personnel. One of the traits that sets Dak Prescott apart from some of the other quarterbacks is his ability to throw on the run. If you are looking for a specific name that is a bit tougher, one name you will see thrown about is Lincoln Riley of Oklahoma. If you want him it will likely have to be as the head coach in 2019.

The concern here is a very valid one. You could go back further than just the last four games. Dating back to the Atlanta game the team failed to score 14 points in six of their last 10 games. The team averaged 15 points per game during that time. Linehan has never been known for top tier offenses in his career. His average ranks for yards (11.7) and points (15.3).

As far as how much more can the front office stand before a change is made? I think they will give the staff a full season unless they put out more games like their loss to the Panthers.

The simple answer is yes. Jason Garrett has been the head coach for the Dallas Cowboys since midway through the 2010 season. The front office knows what he is, yet he keeps coming back year in and year out. While he has only had two seasons under .500, his resume only reads one playoff victory. It is time the Cowboys wipe this entire staff with the exception of Kris Richard, who seems to be the only bright spot on this staff.

My worry is 50% Dak Prescott and 50% coaching. Yes, Dak was putrid on the field on Sunday but he hasn’t had his best performances since the Atlanta debacle. Maybe he is hearing footsteps, maybe it is play-calling or maybe (a bit early) it is that Prescott isn’t the guy. Before we run the 3rd year signal caller out of town, I would like to see him work with a new head coach.

The narrative with Prescott is that he is a dink and dunk passer. If you look at his stats from the Carolina game it would be hard to argue. When throwing 10 yards or deeper, Dak completed three of ten passes for 49 yards. Only one attempt went 20 yards down the field. With no threat of a passing game, Ezekiel Elliott will continue to get stacked boxes and this offense will continue to stall.

Time for this staff to put up or shut up.

The Dallas Cowboys Editor for Dallas Sports Fanatic, Host of the Cowboys Fanatic Podcast and also covers the Cowboys for @WFAASports.

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