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Dez Bryant: “I promise you I am going to shut a lot of people up”

Dez Bryant: “I promise you I am going to shut a lot of people up”

Dez Bryant has been the topic of a lot of conversations this offseason after a disappointing 2017 season. Stephen Jones has said multiple times that they will have to make a business decision on whether Dez will continue to be a Dallas Cowboy.

Dez hasn’t said anything since his end of season media session where he said there have been injuries holding him back and he has let things get in his head that shouldn’t be in his head.

Well, Dez Bryant talked publicly for the first time this offseason on the Ben and Skin show on 1053 the fan Friday evening.

Some highlights of that interview.

Dez on the offseason rumors:“A lot of people just running their mouth. I know what’s going on.”

Has Dez heard anything from the Cowboys or his agent regarding a possible pay cut?

“I have yet to talk to my agent about anything. I am just going to control what I can control.”

Could Dez picture himself in another uniform?

“Hell no. It doesn’t seem right. It wouldn’t be right.”

What do the Dallas Cowboys mean to Dez Bryant? “It means everything to me. I want to bring this city a championship. I want to be part of that because I believe it can happen.”

Dez on his relationship with Dak Prescott: “I want people to know that me and Dak, we are 100% fine. Everything is not gonna be perfect. Life is not perfect. … Our respect for one another is amazing. Me and this guy are real friends. I care about this dude and I know he cares about me.”

Would Dez Bryant take a pay cut? “That’s a discussion for me, myself, my agent, the Jones family and the Dallas Cowboys.”

Dez on if he would like expanded role in that offense: “Of course. That’s something we are all going to figure out. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing.”

Staff writer covering the Dallas Cowboys | Grew up in Plano, Texas. Graduated from Plano east in 2009, graduated from American broadcasting school in 2011. Big time DFW sports fan. Once went to Shawn Marions pool party the summer the Mavs won the championship.

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