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Doncic, Brunson play FIFA on livestream for fans; Brunson loses bet

Doncic, Brunson play FIFA on livestream for fans; Brunson loses bet


If they can’t compete on the basketball court, they might as well compete via video games, right?

That’s exactly what Luka Doncic and Jalen Brunson did last night as they played FIFA and livestreamed the games via Caffeine.

Both are known to be gamers so this was a must anticipated matchup. Jalen had been very active on Twitter, asking fans and followers of his if they wanted to play him in FIFA, in which he won his first six games in a row.

That’s until 77 stepped up to the plate.

To make it more interesting, a bet was made. If Luka won, Jalen, a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan, has to wear a Cowboys jersey to the next Mavericks game. If Jalen won, Luka has to wear an Eagles jersey.

Both chose the same team, Piemonte Calcio, or Juventus, which ended their partnership with EA Sports so they aren’t in FIFA under their clubs actual name, led by Cristiano Ronaldo.

During the first match, Luka got out to a quick lead as he led 2-0 at halftime and it didn’t get any better for JB in the second half. Luka went on a scoring spree in the second half, dominating the match 7-3, which he had to boast about on Twitter.

The rematch didn’t fair very well for Jalen either, as Luka went on to win 6-1. Luka may not have been on the screen via video like Jalen was but you could sure hear Doncic yelling and celebrating via audio.

But hey, let’s cut Jalen some slack? He just had surgery on his right shoulder so his motion and comfort playing could have hindered hi, right? Or maybe Luka’s just that much better at FIFA which is likely.

So whenever that may be, look for JB to strut in with his head down while wearing a Cowboys jersey at the next Mavericks game.

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