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Don’t Put Dak Prescott in Your Box

Don’t Put Dak Prescott in Your Box


Dak Prescott is well acquainted with adversity. He realizes there are things in life you can control, and things you can’t. If you know anything about the origins of the Cowboys sophomore quarterback, then you understand how Prescott fought his way to where he is now.

Prescott is Used to Doubters, But He Shouldn’t Have to be

After the Dallas Cowboys’ 28-17 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday evening, Dak Prescott took the podium for his post game interview. He was asked the typical questions really, nothing that stands out.  I watched Prescott explain to a reporter that he is a better player than last year even though he hasn’t recorded a 300 yard passing game this season. He response to the question was in true, Prescott manner. Deliberate and concise. Though as I listened to him answer the question it got me thinking. Dak has now done more than enough to silence the naysayers. With 49 combined touchdowns through his first 24 career games, Prescott deserves better than to try and fit into a “box”

Take the Box Off of Prescott

Within the 2017 season alone, here is what I have heard from sports media about Dak Prescott. “Beneficiary of his offensive system.” “Not as athletic as some but excellent leader.” “Okay arm.” “Low ceiling athletically.”  And my least favorite, “game manager”. Society feels like it has to fully understand someone or something before it can be embraced. When those in sports media try and categorize Dak Prescott, they do so out of a compulsory need to understand him. However in doing so, they do him an undeserved disservice.

 I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a “game manager” flip over a defender for a touchdown, in order to spark life into his team. Nor have I seen a “beneficiary of his offensive system” shine during a below-average season for some of his main receivers. While its true Prescott may not have as many games with a stat line like Brees, Rodgers or Brady; his ability and talent are still visible to anyone who watches a Dallas Cowboys game. Don’t put qualifiers like 300 yard games, on his growth.  It’s okay to speculate just how good Dak can become, but you better give him the benefit of the doubt. Prescott is only a year and a half into his career, and football gurus and experts alike are talking about his “ceiling.”

If you want a label for Dak Prescott so badly, I have one. It’s kind of long but at least its accurate: “A player who is still growing and who possesses the attributes necessary to become whatever he wants.” 

Man, that isn’t very catchy. Maybe it’s better to hold off on the labels just a little bit longer after all.

Staff writer and podcast host covering the Dallas Cowboys | Spreading my slightly biased sports opinions with anyone wise enough to listen.

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