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Draft Roundtable: the Dallas Mavericks select…

It’s officially draft week, Mavs fans! So many rumors and speculation on who Dallas will select with the 5th pick will soon come to an end tomorrow night. For us here at Dallas Sports Fanatic, we all have different view points and opinions on which player should become the newest Maverick so we discussed it! Happy Draft day!

1) Which prospect do you feel would be the best fit or fills the biggest need with the Mavs current roster?

Darien Clark: I personally see Jaren Jackson Jr. as the best fit with this current roster. The way he fits in at the five spot could do damage in many aspects, both offensively with his three-point shooting and defensively with his rim protection. On top of that, the modern-day center position in the NBA has JJJ written all over him.

Dylan Duel: Mo Bamba. A rebounding and rim protecting presence under contract for the foreseeable future? Have the Mavs had that this century?

Michael DuPont: Michael Porter Jr.’s potential could prove too much to pass on or, contrastingly, too much to overcome. But another prospect might fill the biggest immediate need for the Mavs. Attrition at the off-guard position could steer the Mavs in the direction of European prospect Luka Doncic, if available, the 6-foot-8 guard would make a compelling case for best fit and biggest need as a secondary playmaker that can initiate and also create scoring opportunities for Dallas.

Reese Konkle: I’m not paying any attention to fit honestly. The Mavericks should be picking the best player available, regardless of position.

That being said, I think a guy with MPJ’s skill set would be a great place to start. Not that he should be the pick, but adding scoring punch to the front court seems like a great place to begin.

The Mavs need just about everything though, so the defensive impact of Bamba or Jackson would also help. Point is, they have a lot of good options.

Michael Mulford: Fit doesn’t concern me as the Mavericks and every team should take the best player available in their minds. If Doncic is on the board, you immediately submit your draft card. Jackson Jr. and Mo Bamba add a defensive presence that the Mavericks haven’t had since Tyson Chandler. Sitting in the five spot will work just fine for Dallas.

Ian Tuttle: Mo Bamba is the guy, in my opinion. Landing him would be huge in year two of the Mavs rebuild. His size and upside is something this team can build around.

2) What is your dream scenario for the Mavs during the draft? Any players you’d want the Mavs to steer clear of?

Clark: My dream scenario is Deandre Ayton falling to us at five but there’s no way that’s happening. We can dream all we want though, right? If we’re staying put in the lottery, I’m steering clear of Michael Porter Jr. Seems like we’d be drafting another version of Harrison Barnes but with a bad back.

Duel: Luka Doncic falling to number five. Having a backcourt of DSJ/Doncic excites me to no end and it leaves the center position open to fill during free agency.

I want the Mavs to stay as far away as possible from Trae Young.

DuPont: If Ayton or Doncic somehow manage to drop to five then it would be a dream to land either prospect. Porter Jr. is intriguing and could potentially be the best prospect from this class but uncertainties surrounding his medical status could understandably create doubt during front office discussions. 

Konkle: Dream scenario for me likely means moving the pick for a proven young piece + more assets. Philly wants to move up? We will take Fultz and 10, or Saric and 10. Boston wants Bamba? We will take Jaylen Brown off their hands.

However, all of those scenarios are big time long shots. So, realistically? I think Doncic sliding would be cause for celebration, but I think any of the top guys you’re getting something good, so I wouldn’t “steer clear” of anyone.

Mulford: My dream scenario resolves around Luka Doncic becoming a Maverick. The potential of pairing Luka with DSJ in today’s NBA is a scary sight for the rest of the league. His crafty play making along with the prospect of Luka working with God Shammgod on his handle and different moves makes for a dream scenario, indeed.

Tuttle: My dream scenario is for the Mavericks to come out of the draft with one of the big men to pair with Dennis Smith Jr. for the next eight years. If they came away with Ayton, Bagley, or Bamba, it would make going 24-58 last season worth it.

3) As talented as the top of this draft class is, there’s sure to be some movement. Any bold predictions or trade ideas?

Clark: I’m a big fan of the Memphis deal, but if the Mavs are going to do something like that, why not call the Lakers? Instead of snagging the fourth pick (from Memphis) to compliment our fifth pick, why not eat Luol Deng’s contract and add Brandon Ingram. It works the same for us with Memphis as it does LA. Barnes is gone, we get younger and we keep the fifth pick. While we’re still rebuilding and the young guys get better, the outrageous contracts of Deng or Parsons would be at the end. That is why I’m a huge fan of either trade, however, I favor the one with LA.

Duel: There’s nothing that seems certain at this point, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sacramento opts to deal the number 2 pick for an established star like Kawhi Leonard. They have enough lottery picks to groom already.

DuPont: ‘Dream no little dreams’ scenario: Dallas sends the fifth pick along with expiring contracts to San Antonio for Kawhi Leonard.

Konkle: Well I think I tipped my hand on Mavs trade ideas in the previous question, but I almost expect someone to move into the top 5. Whether they deal with Dallas, or one of the for teams in front of them. I’ll be keeping an eye on Philly or Chicago.

Mulford: I see either the Hawks or the Grizzlies trading down. There’s been plenty of talks about the two teams open to moving the pick but I ultimately seeing it happening for at least one of the two teams. Also, wouldn’t be shocked to see the Clippers use their two end of the lottery picks to move up higher. And never count out Danny Ainge when it comes to draft night. 

Tuttle: I think the Celtics find their way into the top five of the draft. They have a cache of young talent and future picks to entice a team to trade with them. That worries me because of the reports out there about Danny Ainge loving Bamba.

4) Ultimately, how do you see the Top 4 picks shaking out and who do the Mavs draft at No. 5?

  Clark Duel DuPont Konkle Mulford Tuttle
1)Suns Ayton Ayton Ayton Ayton Ayton Ayton
2)Kings Bagley Bagley Doncic Bagley Bagley Porter Jr.
3)Hawks Doncic Jackson Jr. Young Doncic Jackson Jr. Bagley
4)Grizzlies Jackson Jr. Doncic Bagley Jackson Jr. Doncic Bamba*
5)Mavs Bamba Bamba Porter Jr. Bamba Bamba Doncic

* Boston trades Jaylen Brown to Grizzlies for the 4th pick

The rumors and speculation will continue to heat up as the draft approaches tomorrow night. It seems that no matter which top prospect the Mavericks choose with the fifth pick, they’ll be drafting a talented rookie ready to change the fortune of the franchise alongside Dennis Smith Jr. 




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