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The Eagles Clinched the Division; Can the Cowboys Make Playoffs?

It’s a hard pill to swallow for Cowboys fans, but the Philadelphia Eagles inevitably clinched the NFC East

The Cowboys put on quite the fourth quarter performance against the Giants on Sunday afternoon and managed to keep playoff hopes alive with a 30-10 victory. 

It’s been a rocky season for the Cowboys, but the possibility of a wild-card spot is still very real. To earn a spot in the playoffs picture the Cowboys must win their remaining three games and hope for the help of a few teams. 

The Cowboys are currently the fourth team in the NFC wild-card line behind Seattle (8-5), Detroit (7-6) and Green Bay (7-6).

The final regular season opponents the Cowboys will face are the Raiders (6-7), the Eagles (11-2) and the Seahawks. None of these teams are going to be easy to beat. If the Cowboys play like they did against New York, it doesn’t look very promising. 

Still, there are some glimmers of hope. 

Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr has been under fire lately for the inconsistent season he’s had this year. Philly is also facing trouble at QB with Carson Wentz sitting out the rest of the season from a torn ACL he suffered on Sunday. The Cowboys will have Ezekiel Elliot back against the Seahawks on Christmas Eve where we can expect Elliot to come out full force. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Here is an extremely helpful tweet from my friend RJ that highlights what all the Cowboys need on Week 15 to make this happen. 

It all seems so simple on paper, doesn’t it? 

With that being said, all we can do is try to keep our cool and put on a brave face as we continue this hunt for some playoffs action. 

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