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Ezekiel Elliott is delivering on his leadership promise

The Dallas Mavericks stomped the Houston Rockets with a score of 128-120 Wednesday night. Mavericks’ rookie Luka Doncic had an impressive outing, delivering a cool 20 points and 6 rebound performance. Doncic hit a buzzer-beating three at the half from 39 feet away, but it felt like so much further. To Mavericks fans in attendance and watching on television, it felt like the distance from El Paso to Houston. It was the type of shot that provides a glimpse. A glimpse of the future and what people can begin to expect from the Slovenian phenomenon.

For the Dallas Cowboys, running back Ezekiel Elliott may be providing his own glimpse into the future. Although, unlike Doncic, Elliot’s most encouraging signs are on display off the field.

Zeke Has Kept His Promise

Don’t get me wrong, Elliott’s play has been wonderful this season. Zeke currently leads the league in rushing for the second time in three seasons (piling up 530 scrimmage yards and 4 total tds in the last three games alone). But what if the big addition Elliot has brought to the table is actually a subtraction? When you think about the season Elliott has had, you think about his terrific play.

Not a boat party.

Or a guy getting punched out in a nightclub.

Or a domestic violence investigation and suspension.

People are allowed their opinion of Elliott and his past behavior, but the truth is Elliott is delivering on his promise. Following the departure of franchise cornerstones Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, Zeke told us he planned to step into a more active leadership role with this young team. So far, so good. The 2018 version of Elliott has put many Cowboys fans at ease. To some, Zeke was merely a rental. Sooner or later he would get another suspension and ultimately join the list of superstars whose carriers were derailed by off-field issues.

But 13 weeks into the 2018 season Ezekiel Elliott has given no one a reason to doubt his promise. In interviews, Zeke is respectful and articulate, eagerly heaping praise onto others. If you’re looking for him before the game, he can be found in the center of the hype-huddle, temporarily putting aside his calm demeanor to be the spark plug the Cowboys so desperately need him to be.

 Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

Elliott has figured out what it means to be the running back for the Dallas Cowboys, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. With Dallas primed for a playoff push, fans can have comfort knowing their superstar running back is locked in. Your opinion of Elliott will have to wait, he’s too busy doing whatever it takes to help this Cowboys team win.

Staff writer and podcast host covering the Dallas Cowboys | Spreading my slightly biased sports opinions with anyone wise enough to listen.

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