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Former Dallas Cowboys Demarcus Ware and Drew Pearson teaching life lessons through football

Former Dallas Cowboys Demarcus Ware and Drew Pearson teaching life lessons through football

During the Play Football Red Carpet Celebration an event that was a part of NFL Draft this past weekend, we had the opportunity to catch up with Superbowl Champion and Cowboy great Demarcus Ware. He shared with us what it meant for him to take part in NFL Draft weekend.

“I lived here all of my life and with going to Denver and then coming back to Dallas. It is one of the things where if you come back to your hometown you get greeted with open arms. Being a part of ‘The Star’ and the legacy of the Dallas Cowboys was a fantastic thing, and now I can give back to the community. What Willie McGinest and I are doing within these camps are showing these kids discipline, character, and these are the things that we are teaching them. These life lessons can also be taken them home, and that is what we want to instill in these kids in everything we do.”

Former Cowboys’ wide receiver Drew Pearson would continue by saying he wanted to make sure kids used disappointment in their lives as motivation to follow their dreams.

“When they told me that I was not good enough to be drafted, that motivated me to prove them wrong. So, sometimes in life, you grab ahold of something to drive you to be the best you can be as an individual, whether it is not getting drafted, not getting the grade in school that you were expecting to get or you drop a pass. These are all situation that you will put you to the test, and if you do the right thing, you will be able to overcome those things.”

Pearson would then flip the interview and start asking the kids why they wanted to become a journalist. Some answered because they studied journalist on television growing up and they get to interview the world most celebrated athletes. The kids are very intrigued by sports journalism, and it is something that has been close to them throughout their lives. The kids stated that if they were able to make a career in journalism, it would be a dream come true.




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