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Which Free Agent Should Dallas Cowboys Snag Now?

Most would probably agree that we’re pretty set when it comes to offense. With our defense ranked 14th out of 32 at the end of the 2016 season, it’s clear that a change is needed if we want to be a Super Bowl contender.

At this point in free agency, the players that can most benefit the team will either be: young players who will challenge the starters for a roster spot, or an older more experienced free agent that can not only play the field, but also help groom the younger incoming players.

Daryl Washington (LB)

Washington, who was released by the Arizona Cardinals in April, is coming off of a three-year suspension. During his four-year stint at Arizona, he accrued 394 tackles, 18 sacks, and 6 interceptions. With recent news of linebacker Damian Wilson’s arrest July 4th for aggravated assault, Washington could be a good replacement if Wilson receives a multiple game suspension from the NFL.  In an interview with Pro Football Talk, the Dallas native, expressed his desire to be a part of the team.

Darrelle Revis (CB)

The seven time pro-bowl veteran will be going into his 10th season with the NFL. Revis can bring experience to the team and can also help with transitioning the newer players to the professional level.  Dez Bryant seems to agree when he tweeted Revis on June 10th asking him to come play for Dallas. Revis has yet to respond.

Dwight Freeney (DE)

Vic Beasley of the Atlanta Falcons, credits much of his success last season to Freeney’s guidance and mentoring. The three time all-pro and seven time pro bowler could serve as backup and help to mentor rookie Taco Charlton. The four-game suspension of defensive end David Irving could open up opportunities for Freeney to show that he’s still a force to be reckoned with.


Staff writer covering the Dallas Cowboys | I grew up in Dallas and played HS and club soccer. I'm an avid sports fan and can remember going to Super Bowl parties with my parents in the 90s. That's when my love for the Cowboys began. I also happen to share a birthday with Mr. Aikman himself! I have my Master's in Nurse Anesthesia and work locally in the DFW area. I'm passionate about music, art, sports, traveling and my french bulldog, Zoey. I still play soccer and like to stay active.

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