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Good and bad takeaways from Opening Day with the Rangers

Photo: Klay Kuban

Good and bad takeaways from Opening Day with the Rangers

It’s always fun to head out to a baseball game at Globe Life Park in Arlington.  It’s hard to beat that Opening Day experience though.  For some, it’s a tradition that goes back years and years.  For others, it’s a first time thing that is all new and a lot to soak in.  Even for those who have done it a time or two but are far from being veterans in it, you never quite get used to the schmorgesborg of scents, sights, sounds and emotions whenever you try to fully appreciate everything going on around you.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend my third Opening Day when the Rangers opened their 2019 season against the Chicago Cubs at Globe Life Park on Thursday afternoon.  My first time was way back in 2009 whenever I got to see the Rangers debut their red-jerseys for this generation of fans and it was the Major League debut for Elvis Andrus.  My second time was last season when the Rangers were manhandled by the Houston Astros and it all started with a George Springer leadoff home run.  Quite the buzzkill.

This year I went with my dad and my two-year-old son to see the Rangers unfortunately fall to the Cubs 12-4.  The game was a snoozer but the Opening Day experience was still unforgettable for a variety of reasons.  I came away with a select few observations that stand above the rest…

Globe Life Park is looking as good as ever

It is hard to beat the weather in Arlington on Thursday. Sunny and 70 degrees.  A little bit windy.  If you weren’t at the game, I’m sure the occasional hot dog wrapper flew into view on TV at some point.  When you pair perfect weather with an outdoor baseball stadium that is at capacity, the imagery is perfect.

When you add in the flair of an American flag across the outfield, a Texas flag down the batter’s eye and your two-year-old cheering for everything that Chuck Morgan says over the P.A. system, it really adds an emotional layer to it all.

It was easy for fans to say “Oh why are they even getting rid of this place?! It’s perfect!”  Ahhhh… I have a piece coming in the near future letting you know why it is not perfect.  I think we even saw some of its biggest flaws on display on Thursday.  Which brings me to my next point…

Don’t try to get into a baseball stadium with 48,000 people in it five minutes before you want to be in your seat.

Look, it’s Opening Day.  The one game this season that will for-sure be sold out.  This is a now 25-year-old stadium that has limited entry points.  I get that you want to tailgate and what-not until the last possible second, but that does not make it the team’s fault that you’re missing first pitch whenever 10 to 20,000 people try to enter the ballpark within a half hour of first pitch.

This was a game at 3:05 that I’m sure most people attending either took the entire day off of work or school to attend.  Go inside the ballpark early!  I was inside the gates at about 12:20 or so and had absolutely no problem.  You’re probably thinking “Who even gets there that early?!?!”  There were THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people already in the parking lots and at Texas! Live hanging out.  They procrastinated and didn’t go inside until relatively the last minute.

Part of the blame needs to go to the design of Globe Life Park.  There are four main entry points with one being at each of the corners of the stadium.  The area around the entries start out all wide and then quickly narrow down to a single-file line before it’s time to go through the only three or four metal detectors they make available.  Whenever fans leave the game, they open all sorts of gates up and down the first and third base lines for people to go out there.  They need to open a few of those gates for entry too whenever they’re expecting a big crowd.

Something tells me this won’t be a problem at Globe Life Field next season…

Rangers fans… behave yourself
There’s a lot of fun to be had on Opening Day.  Perhaps a lot of alcohol to be consumed.  Why not?  It’s a fun day off work and you’re with friends and family.  Well, if you’re going to do that… please at least try to be in more control of yourself.

Here is one thing I must mention:

If you are at the game with a group of five or more people, you only get to to talk to the people right next to you!!!!!!!!! 

Please, for the love of Rangers Captain, STOP screaming at your friend five seats down!


That is the PG rated version of what I heard behind me for most of the game Thursday.  I’m sitting with my son and my dad trying to enjoy this special day between us and you’re having this incredibly personal and inappropriate conversation right behind me at a volume that wouldn’t even seem right at a party.  By the way?  It doesn’t matter if a little kid doesn’t know a curse word, you still shouldn’t say it in public!

I’m all for having fun at the game, but you just have to be caring about how your behavior affects the strangers around you.

Did I sound like an old man there?  Sorry.  I promise I’m fun.  Sometimes.

Another Opening Day has come and gone with lots of memories to go along with it.  If you’ve never been out there for the event, do your best to save your pennies so you can be there at Globe Life Field in 2020.  I’m sure it will be something to remember.

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