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Gut Feeling: DSF writers share final thoughts on Cowboys-Lions matchup

Gut Feeling: DSF writers share final thoughts on Cowboys-Lions matchup

Mason: It’s getting a little difficult trying to predict how the Cowboys will do each week. It seems like every week whether it’s a win or loss there’s always something new to talk about. Like who would’ve thought that even with Ezekiel Elliott shut down against the Vikings last week, Dak Prescott would have one of best games of his career only for questionable playcalling to wash that all away in the end. Even with the self-errors we have seen from them this season, I don’t see them losing to a Lions team without Matthew Stafford. I know the Cowboys have not capitalized on other teams misfortunes with injuries like the Saints without Drew Brees or the Packers without Davante Adams, but I don’t believe the Lions are near as good of a team as them where they can still pull out a win without their franchise QB at the helm, though the Cowboys never fail to surprise us with these things. I’ve got Dallas 28, Detroit 17.

Juwan: The past couple matchups between the Cowboys and Lions have been some thrillers. On paper, Dallas should be overwhelming favorites, especially with Lions quarterback Matt Stafford sidelined. But, for obvious reasons, it’s hard claiming the Cowboys should dominate anyone they’re “suppose to.” As we’ve seen before, I see this game being a tight one through two quarters and Dallas pulling away in the second half. Against a mediocre defense I see Dak Prescott and the offense rolling away with a 34-14 victory. With Darius Slay likely shadowing Cooper, I see Michael Gallup posting a 100-yard day.

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