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How Amari Cooper solidifies Dallas Cowboys 2020 plan

Whoever thought Jerry Jones was going to go quietly into the bye week after a disappointing division loss was proven dead wrong. The Dallas Cowboys acquired former 2015 first-round pick Amari Cooper via trade from the Oakland Raiders Monday afternoon. Dallas sent their 2019 first-round pick for the two-time pro bowler out of Alabama. Though the acquisition appears as a desperation move to salvage an underwhelming offensive season thus far, it places several key offensive pieces on the clock to solve their offensive woes.

For weeks people have attempted to solve the question of who exactly is to blame for the offense’s ineptitude. Head Coach Jason Garrett, Quarterback Dak Prescott, Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan, the wide receiver group and the offensive line has all been placed under a vastly large microscope.

What is most telling about this trade is after the 2019 season Prescott, Cooper, Garrett and Linehan will all be in line for new contracts. Instead of subjecting themselves to guessing on this multiple-choice test, they opted for a more fun game of “Would You Rather?”

You can take your pick of who you would like to receive the abundance of the blame. However, the pieces are what you have to work with. Would you rather see Prescott behind center at $700,000 or $20 million? Would you rather give Garrett another four years to develop a quarterback or have another offensive-minded coach develop Prescott? Would you rather invest another premium pick into the offensive line or see if Cooper opens up the running and passing game?

All these are questions in which Cooper can provide clearer answers to. If Cooper does not work out he’s off the books after next season. If the quarterback is the issue then you save yourself from the same heartache that is currently plaguing the Jacksonville Jaguars. And if the front office deems this coaching staff cannot place their players in a position to succeed then a new coach enters the fold with a ton of cap space and all their draft picks to work with. This is the Dallas Cowboys 2020 plan.

Cole Beasley, the Cowboys leading receiver, is on pace for 74 receptions, 800 yards and five touchdowns. Last year, Dez Bryant finished with 69 receptions, 838 yards and six touchdowns. Similar production from their leading receivers has led to similar results. The Cowboys admitted they were wrong about needing a true number one receiver. Desperate or not, Cooper was the best talent on the market. And keep in mind he’s only a year older than Atlanta Falcons rookie Calvin Ridley.

Expectations amongst fans may be for Cooper to fix a downward spiraling Cowboys offense. Just remember this isn’t a trade for the next nine games. It could be a move that can turn this young quarterbacks career around, save a head coaches job and place Ezekiel Elliott back into all-pro considerations. In the meantime, while the team takes the weekend off to repair their bodies, let’s all enjoy this time to reCOOPERrate.

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