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How the Dallas Cowboys timetable was sped up by the 2017 Playoffs

The Dallas Cowboys are on their way to Oxnard, California, which means football is back. This is an exciting time for many NFL fans. But it is just as worry-some for these coaches and players entering this season. Every fan that despises the Cowboys continues to joke how the Cowboys have not seen playoff success since the mid-90s. And as habitual as this joke has become it is no laughing matter for anyone of this team.

With the Cowboys watching another division rival lift up the Lombardi trophy, the pressure for this team to produce this season may be higher than ever. They have a quarterback who they feel is good enough to take them to the playoffs. They also have a supporting cast that features several pro bowlers and all-pros. Jason Garrett is a former coach of the year who has a talented roster that can compete with most teams. But if the season ends with another lack-luster performance or even a first-round exit in the playoffs, the team could be looking to move forward from both Garrett and Prescott.

Garrett enters his ninth season with the Cowboys with a 67-53 regular season record and two playoff wins. Jerry Jones has stuck by him year after year, but nine seasons is ample time to install your coaching philosophy and build the team you see fit to compete. The team doesn’t lack talent, but they do lack consistency. A strike against coaching. The Eagles overcame the loss of their starting QB, left tackle and middle linebacker. Two of the three issues that destroyed the Cowboys in 2017. And another example of what happens when a team with obstacles is led by great coaching. 

Prescott came in with little to no pressure on him to revitalize this Cowboy’s team. Since his explosive rookie campaign, his expectations are now similar to those of Carson Wentz and Jared Goff. Prescott’s success in 2018 will determine whether the Cowboys ink him to a long-term mega-contract at the end of the season. Although the third-year quarterback will bring tons of accolades to the negotiating table, it is his play on the field that needs to speak the loudest.

Though several other factors will play a role in if we see Prescott and Garrett leading the Cowboys on the field in 2019, winning can help settle all doubt about their job security. This is Garrett’s program, so the team’s performance as a whole will affect if he is brought back for a tenth season. Although Prescott can only affect the offense, if he is less than what is expected it could not only mean the end of Prescott in Dallas but these receivers as well.

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