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‘I’ll stand in unison with our players’: Mark Cuban on potential player protests

‘I’ll stand in unison with our players’: Mark Cuban on potential player protests


The importance of being unified as one, whether that’s as a basketball team or fighting for social justice and racial equality, is vital to help achieve what you sought after.

On Thursday, during an interview on ESPN’s Outside The Lines, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spoke on the potential of player protests when the season resumes and for seasons to come, whether that’s kneeling during the National Anthem or using their voice and platform otherwise.

“Hopefully we’ll be adaptive. Hopefully we’ll allow the players to do what’s in their hearts, whether it’s holding an arm in the air, whether it’s taking a knee,” Cuban said on Outside The Lines.

“I don’t think this is an issue of respect or disrespect to the flag or to the anthem or to the country. I think this is more a reflection of our players’ committed to this country and the fact that it’s so important to them that they’re willing to say what’s in their heart and do what they think is right.”

When asked how’d he feel if Maverick players took a knee during the Anthem, Cuban explained his hope to join them. “If they were taking a knee and being respectful, I’d be proud of them. Hopefully I’d join them.”

Cuban and the Mavericks organization have been very vocal and active during these times, participating in protests while also helping clean up the Dallas area.

Cuban, alongside Dwight Powell, Maxi Kleber, Justin Jackson, and Jalen Brunson, all took part in a protest in Downtown Dallas in memory of George Floyd.

I’ll stand in unison with our players, whatever they choose to do.”


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