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In sports, money isn’t everything

In sports, money isn’t everything


In sports, we’re quickly learning that money isn’t everything. The NCAA lost at least $700 million and the Olympics are close to $800 million with postponing. We were all shocked when our phones started blowing up with conferences canceling their tournaments. Was the research done though? Or were they just following a trend? A month ago we had no idea what coronavirus was now; it’s all we see. 

What I mean by the research is that at the time and given the knowledge of the coronavirus (COVID-19). For Hypothetical purposes, I’ll use the Big 12. Let’s say the SEC, Pac 12, WAC, and all these other conferences cancel because of fear of what if. They don’t know how bad COVID-19 will get; they just know it as a similar thing to the flu.

The Big 12 hosts the tournament in Lubbock and all the Ad’s come to a meeting and say each team has 0 positive tests. No one has Corona but because all of these other conferences cancel, the Big 12 decides to cancel. Now, knowing what we know do you think we should still have played the tournament? Do you think we should’ve canceled every sporting event until the fall? 

There have been so many questions and answers and more questions and so on. It’s immeasurable the number of questions that have come from social media, the NCAA, the athletic directors, and the athletes. My heart breaks for the athletes. I was so close to coming back and finishing my last outdoor track season, now I’m glad I didn’t. These athletes are faced with having to stay an extra year with 2 semesters of tuition to pay, a year more in college. Which is great, what about those students who have opportunities planned for when they graduate, what are they supposed to do? They’re left with a very big decision to make. 

March 12, 2020 sports changed. Was it for the better or was it for the worse? Let us know your thoughts.


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