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In The Face Of Adversity, Nowitzki Impresses Yet Again

You’d have to see it to believe it. In a game the Mavericks desperately needed, the one player they have leaned on for years, delivered once again.

With the Mavericks trailing 97-85 with only 4: 07 remaining, Dirk Nowitzki put the entire team and season on his back, beard and all. Those fans who left thinking the Mavericks chances were over missed out on all the heroics, and those who stayed were treated to yet another legendary performance from Nowitzki.

In those 4 minutes, the Mavericks outscored Chicago 15-1, with Nowitzki notching the last 8 of them, the final 3-pointer being the final blow.

“It’s kind of like the story of our season, honestly,” said Nowitzki, who was 14-of-17 from the floor and 5-of-6 from 3-point range in the game, 6-of-7 and 3-of-4 in the fourth. “Every time people write us out or say we’re done, for some reason, we find a way to hang around.

I couldn’t have put it better myself. This team just plays with so much heart. Regardless of if they land that final playoff spot, I can sit here and thoroughly enjoy being a fan of a team and organization like this.

For all of those who have said Nowitzki’s decline has already begun, take notice. Yeah, he’s another year older, but he continues to show that when you have the heart and desire like he does, you can throw all that other stuff aside.

“Whatever they say we can’t do as a team or he can’t do as a player, he finds a way,” Elton Brand said. “He works at it and finds a way to win. That’s the bottom line.”

For those new Mavs who haven’t been accustomed to the long legacy that is Dirk Nowitzki, they are starting to take notice.

“He hit some crazy shots, man, and just did what he does,” O.J. Mayo said. “He pulled us through. He’s a cold boy; got ice in his veins.”

When Dirk’s career is over, we will look at performances like these. He’s an MVP, a Finals MVP, an NBA Champion, 11 time All-Star, and has been the face of a first class organization since he came into the league.

I advise anyone who thinks the Mavericks team is done to take caution. They have one of the all time clutch players in the game. A player that continues to impress, even with all of those analysts who seem to think he is on that proverbial decline.

So, for those who may have turned off that game, and forgot that the “Tall Baller From The G” was still on the court, here is the video that will put it all into perspective.

On Tap:

Los Angeles Lakers (April 2nd) – The razors will once again be out in full force, while the Mavericks look to take one more step towards that 8th and final playoff spot.

Credits: Tim MacMahon
Video Credits: Max Frishberg

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