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Rangers’ Adolis García joins the Home Run Derby Field

Rangers’ Adolis García joins the Home Run Derby Field

On Wednesday, the Rangers announced they will have a representative participate in this year’s Home Run Derby. Last year’s ALCS MVP, Adolis García, is making back-to-back trips to the big power stage Monday despite a season where García hasn’t produced like he wants to. Adolis joins Alex Rodriguez (2001 and 2002) as one of the two Texas Rangers to participate in the Home Run Derby in multiple seasons with the club and marks a string of four straight seasons where the Rangers have a player in the Derby (Joey Gallo 2021, Corey Seager 2022, García 2023, García 2024). Adolis will join Gunner Henderson, Pete Alonso, Alec Bohm, Bobby Witt Jr., Marcell Ozuna, José Ramirez, and Teoscar Hernández.

Over the weekend, I asked Rangers manager Bruce Bochy that, since the All-Star game is in Arlington, a Texas Rangers player needed to represent during the Derby. “It’d be a lot of fun for our fans. It’d be great to see,” Bochy said.

Although García was the man selected, Bochy turned to Nathaniel Lowe as the number one candidate he’d like to see. “Nate Lowe is pretty impressive in [batting practice].” Obviously, you’ll have Corey and Adolis, but Nate has sneaky power. He has more than you think. He’s got a couple in the upper deck.” Nevertheless, García’s entry means that in the past ten Home Run Derbies, the hosting team will have a representative in nine of them (the Dodgers did not have a player participate in 2022).

A concern that might hit is the after-effects of the Home Run Derby. However, in 2024, a few rule changes may help the batter’s pace. There is still a clock timer. However, there is a pitch timer too. The first two rounds last three minutes or 40 pitches, whichever comes first (excluding the bonus period). The finals last two minutes per batter or 27 pitches, whichever comes first (excluding the bonus period). Meanwhile, the bonus period lasts until the batter records three outs, and if the batter hits a home run that goes over 425 feet (in the bonus round), they get an additional out to play with.

All this said it may turn players more toward the Home Run Derby now, but with the Rangers banged up in 2023, I asked Bochy if that causes players to be concerned about not participating. “[You’re] always going to see guys reluctant to do it,” he said. “Like Ohtani, for example, it’s exhausting, but this year is slightly different. They are not a time deal but more a swing deal. You’re trying to time it. You’re going rapid-fire. With three rounds of that, you’re putting yourself at risk.

Adolis García joins Marcus Semien and Kirby Yates as the three Rangers players who will participate during the two days of All-Star week.

New All-Star Food, Beverage, and Retail Options

On Tuesday, the Rangers and partnerships showcased the new food and beverage options the ballpark will offer during All-Star festivities.

New food options include the fresh Asian Poke Bowls (steamed rice with ahi tuna, cucumber, mango, edamame, ginger, avocado, green onion, and wonton chips), South Street Tacos, Texas Steak Sandwich (ribeye steak), Tejas Cheesesteak, and the Lone Star Frito Pie Dog. From personal experience, I tried the Ribeye sandwich and the Frito Pie Dog; both were decent. I liked the ciabatta bread, and the meat on the bread was quite large. The Frito Pie Dog had queso and jalapenos. It also had sour cream (which I’m not a fan of), but I could barely see or taste it, so I enjoyed it.

The beverage options are interesting. On Tuesday, we were introduced to ADAM, a robot bartender combining AI, advanced sensors, and two robotic arms to create a wide range of drinks for customers. It’ll be showcased in section 111. The robot will greet you as the customer enters their order on the iPad provided, and ADAM will make the drink for you. ADAM will serve classics like Lemon Drops, Whiskey sour, and mocktails with a team of human bartenders.

Another beverage option for fans is Rotender. Near section 125, fans can grab their cocktail in as little as thirty seconds (likely the first minute for first-timers). Fans can customize their own cocktails when using Rotender.

“Any bottle, 750s (mL) to a liter, was made to work with off-the-shelf bottles the venues already got. There’s an integrated soda gun, the same bar gun you’ll see behind the bar in a regular bar. It’s doing those steps for you,” Ben Winston from Rotender explained.

“Delaware North arrived at this menu where they have their most popular drinks offered out of the machine, it’s one button; you tap your card, and you’re good to go,” he said.

Price-wise, it’ll be the same as drinks are regularly at the ballpark: “About 13.50 for a Jack and Coke and 15 for everything else,” Winston said. It’ll provide speed and entertainment for the fans, so they don’t have to stand, wait, and miss a portion of the event they are attending.

An All-Star Store will open up near the Whataburger on the main concourse. That store will likely feature all 30 teams’ All-Star selections, and Rangers’ All-Star gear will be showcased throughout the ballpark at the other stores within Globe Life Field, according to Rob Matwick, Executive and Vice President of Rangers’ Baseball Operations.

Rangers’ and baseball fans attending the five days will have much to look forward to. It’s a baseball fans’ paradise like never before.

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