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In this dejected time for baseball, let’s all take the advice of the Rangers’ skipper

Photo: Michael Lark/Dallas Sports Fanatic

In this dejected time for baseball, let’s all take the advice of the Rangers’ skipper

Opening Day is a tradition like none other. It not only signifies the start of a seven-month road to a World Champion, but it means summer is approaching. Baseball fans all over the globe come together and celebrate at the park, at home, and in crowded bars. However, 2020 is a different story. I woke up this morning with a mixed feeling inside my stomach (and no, I didn’t eat some bad beef). It was a realization that baseball remains postponed to an unknown date.

Throughout social media platforms, channels are showing previously played baseball games. While that can put fans in somewhat of a good mood, nothing beats live sports. The anticipation of watching the first game on TV in Seattle, or witnessing the completion of Globe Life Field, or who starts either of those games, all brought a feeling of sadness and disappointment. With all this said, frustration and gloom are quickly replaced with what is going on in the world today.

Health and safety is the most crucial thing in the world right now. You read articles on what nurses, doctors, and anyone in the medical industry have to deal with on a minute-by-minute basis. People on the front lines (grocery store workers and anyone in the essential service industry) risk their lives every day to provide for their families. There are folks (like myself) that are unable to see their family during the pandemic due to risk factors.

A few days ago, Rangers manager Chris Woodward and his wife, Erin, recorded a quick message to Rangers nation and any individual. Erin, who is an emergency room nurse, is currently at school to develop more training. In response to the message, Chris and Erin joined Rangers GM Jon Daniels and his wife, Robyn, to provide meals to the Medical City of Arlington and Dallas healthcare workers (per TR Sullivan). The generosity extended to former Ranger, Derek Holland. Holland made two separate donations of $10,000 to assist officer programs in the DFW area. With those donations, the programs purchased food for local businesses for officers working in the field (per Jason Mackey).

Sure we are all disappointed about the holding period of the 2020 season, but remember what’s on the line: people’s lives. The sooner people react to the urgency of staying indoors and limit or negate social contact (if possible), the sooner normality returns. There are whispers on what the regular season looks like, but those whispers quickly dissipate. The focus at this moment is all of our well-being. Please, if you see a healthcare worker, a grocery store worker, or first responder, give them a non-contact hug and a thank you. We will get through this time and get back to enjoying America’s pastime strong and healthy.

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