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Instant Reaction: DSF writers react to the Cowboys Thursday night loss against Chicago

Mason: Tonight’s game was a near spitting image of the Thanksgiving game last week against Buffalo. Started off with an amazing touchdown drive only to fall flat on every drive that followed. Like the Jets, Lions, and Bills, the Cowboys defense once again makes a usually inefficient offense and quarterback look unstoppable. More missed tackles, crucial plays given up, and just the complete inability to get off the field costs them yet another game. Even with a loss the Cowboys will still at the least be tied for first in the NFC East, but given how they’ve played this point, is that really a good thing? One last thing, leave Brett Maher in Chicago.

Juwan: It’s amazing the slide has now reached three games and Dallas remains in prime position to host the 49ers in the first round of the playoffs. The strength behind Jason Garrett over his decade-long tenure is to place a team on the field that was ready to “fight.” And too many times this season it appears this team has lost the will to fight. Sloppy tackling, incomplete routes, stalled offensive drives and an unique ability to make subpar quarterbacks look great are just a few things that has continued to plague this team week-after-week. We know Jerry Jones believes in Garrett and doesn’t believe a change is necessary with the playoffs still on the horizon, but it feels as if we’re delaying the inevitable. Even if there isn’t a belief in another coach to step into an interim position you have to at least give these players enough voice. I’ve defended Garret for the latter part of this decade, but the literal football life has been drained out of this fan base and team. A change is needed. Whether the team makes the playoffs or not, Garrett is not the answer at head coach.

Dylan: It’s kind of ridiculous for Cowboys fans to not be prepared for what went down in the Windy City on Thursday night, but it was still just puzzling how such a poor effort could be shown when they should have been desperate for a win. It is insane the level of Charmin-soft that this once heralded defense has become. Whether it be countless missed tackles or insane amounts of space given up for a running Mitch Trubisky, the Dallas defense was nothing short of laughable on Thursday night.  Rod Marinelli and Kris Richard should be just as much out the door as Jason Garrett when this coaching staff is addressed. Besides the newcomer Michael Bennett, there seems to be no major voice or true leader on the defense to give them a legitimate backbone. Coaching isn’t the only issue, this defense just isn’t good. Offensively there were plenty of horrific possessions with 3 and outs, but again Dak Prescott and the passing offense were able to accumulate phony garbage time statistics after the team dug itself an insurmountable deficit in the second half.  While Ezekiel Elliott has shown signs of returning to dominance, it sure doesn’t seem like it will end up mattering much in the grand scheme of playing winning football. While the team still controls its own playoff destiny, Thursday night’s effort was enough to make any reasonable fan completely sick and perhaps even disinterested in the rest of the season.  This team seems to lack the true heart that it takes to pull through during difficult times and the coaching and culture is so, so poor that the team is playing from behind before the opening kickoff. This is truly the low point of the 2010’s for the Dallas Cowboys.  Good thing they’re about to be over.

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