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Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban included in group of sports figures tapped for President Trump’s committee to re-open the country

Photo: Michael Lark/Dallas Sports Fanatic

Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban included in group of sports figures tapped for President Trump’s committee to re-open the country

As we continue to fight against the stranglehold COVID-19 is having on the U.S. economy and state of life, President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he is assembling a committee of notable figures to help figure out the most effective way to re-open the country in the coming weeks/months.  The figures ranged from names like Apple’s Tim Cook to sports commissioners like the NFL’s Roger Gooddell and the NBA’s Adam Silver.

Notable sports figures also include DFW’s own Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban. New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft was another non-commissioner figure included on the committee.

The Cowboys owner is about as respected of a businessman as there is in football and is obviously someone who catches the eye of a larger than life figure like President Trump. Similarly, Cuban is a highly respected business figure with his toes in many different business waters, including occasionally squaring off against Trump on various political matters.

The President has been very vocal recently about the importance of getting the country back to normal as soon as possible in light of the economic hardships millions of U.S. citizens and countless businesses have been facing thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

He has not hesitated to mention sports as one of the important things to get going.

“We want to get our sports back,” he says in the clip above from Tuesday afternoon. “I’m tired of watching baseball games that are 14 years old.”

Presidents: They’re just like us.

On the Cuban and Jones front, it’s funny how sometimes we can forget that we have two of the most iconic owners in all of sports in the DFW area. Sometimes we might just think of Jerry’s insane postgame media scrums or Cuban’s screaming from his baseline seats in a Mavs shirt to just be our little community secret, but these are undoubtedly two of the highest profile figures in the country, sports or not.

So many teams just have faceless owners who seem to just write (or don’t write) checks, but not here.

Hopefully Jones and Cuban are able to contribute a lot to this committee that aids our country in working its way towards getting back to normal.

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